Monday, 29 August 2011

Review: Hairfix Release, Revive and Replenish Hair Recovery Regime

A recent QVC browsing session introduced me to the HairFix range, which was rated as one of the best selling and best reviewed ranges that QVC stock.  My curiosity piqued, I couldn't resist trying to range out for myself.

The HairFix Recovery Regime is designed for hair that's damaged, depleted of moisture, and overloaded with product.  My initial thoughts were that my hair doesn't fulfil all those requirements - I stopped using products containing silicones a while ago in a bid to stop using harsh surfactants (SLS), and now only use PEG silicones, which are more easily removed from the hair, so I get very little build up nowadays.  Still - anything that deep cleanses whilst rebuilding and moisturising is well worth a shot in my book!

The regime is made up of three products:
  • Release, a non-foaming pre treatment which loosens build up
  • Revive, a gentle keratin-packed foaming cleanser (SLS free) which removes build up entirely and deep cleanses
  • Replenish, a keratin based conditioning rinse, which adds moisture
Once a week, you work your way through each phase, massaging a few pumps of each product into the hair and leaving for a few minutes before rinsing.  I've been concentrating on the roots with Release and Revive, ensuring that I work the products throughout the lengths of the hair after a good initial rub at the roots, and rinsing thoroughly after a minute.  With Replenish, I've been applying mostly to the mid lengths and ends, and leaving for a good couple of minutes before rinsing to get as much moisture into the hair as possible.

After use, my hair is incredibly soft, very light, and swishy in a way I've never experienced.  After washing with Revive, my hair already feels calm, hydrated, and not overly tangly, and the application of Replenish ensures that my hair is absolutely smooth and silky - for a conditioner with a medium thickness, I'm surprised at how well it detangles and hydrates with just a few pumps of product.

I'm convinced - this regime is an excellent weekly treat for the hair, leaving it fresh, shiny and bouncy.  If you like products that contain silicone, or use a lot of styling product, you'll probably find that this regime makes a big difference to the condition of your hair.

If you'd like to try the regime for yourself, you'll find a travel sized collection at QVC, which would be a great introduction to the range, containing 100ml sizes of the three products and costing around £12.  If you're after full size products, BeautyBay carries the range and sells them individually too, where a single product will cost £9.95 for 240ml.  What do you think?  Tried Hairfix?  Hair feeling the need for a detox?  Let us know in the comments!

Disclosure: The Replenish product was a PR sample.  I couldn't resist buying the sister products to give the range a proper test!

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  1. Ooo sounds good. I'm always on the lookout for new hair products that will moisturise with out weighing it down (i actually have thick hair but like a lot of volume at the root!). Might try the travel set, not a bad idea.


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