Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Review: Absolution Skincare

Absolution are a French skincare brand who produce a pared down range of simple skincare with "highly organic" ingredients.  They also take the organic, green, ethical stance one step further by using packaging that's both very clever and very green.

Instead of using cardboard boxes and paper inserts, Absolution products are simply wrapped in a sheet of printed card.  This makes for some very interesting looking products on the shelf - and for a much larger surface area upon which present instructions, ingredients, and supplementary information.  The card is both recycled and recyclable, and the ink is vegetable based.  This is clearly a company which takes its eco credentials very seriously.

I've been testing out La Creme du Jour (day cream), La Solution + Eclat (brightening booster), and Le Soin Regard (eye serum).  Outside of their cardboard tubes, the containers are plain, simple and functional.  Product is kept away from the air and easy to dispense.  The jar for the day cream sports a slightly concave top, so that you can mix a drop of your chosen booster in with the basic day cream.

 The products themselves are entirely scentless and light textured.  The day cream, mixed with the brightening booster, is a moisturising, silky concoction, as is the eye cream.  I've found that all three products require a bit of time and work before they absorb fully into the skin.  Once absorbed, the skin is left feeling hydrated, with absolutely no residue - my skin looks and feels like it's freshly washed, with no product applied at all.

It took me a good couple of weeks before I noticed that the eye serum actually contains a very, very fine shimmer.  You have to look incredibly closely at the product to see it, and once appled to the eye area it's pretty much invisible.  I suspect, though, that it does go some way towards making the eye area look more bright and awake.

After four weeks of use, I can't say I've noticed a massive difference in the appearance of my skin.  It definitely looks bright, radiant, and healthy, but I don't think there's been a notable improvement to the level of brightness, radiance and health prior to using the products.  As a set of products to maintain healthy, radiant skin, though, I'm pretty impressed.

If you're looking for dramatic results, and you don't care about the provenance of the ingredients used to get those results, this isn't going to be the brand for you - but if you appreciate organic ingredients and excellent packaging, Absolution are worth considering.  Here's the rub, though - these products come with a high price tag to match their high eco standards.  The boosters (which include radiance, anti-aging and revitalising) cost between £47 and £60, the day cream costs £51, and the eye serum costs £32.  Whilst I'd probably repurchase the eye serum, I'm not entirely sure that the day cream and serum are worth the high price tag, given the lack of serious results.

Absolution products are available at Space NK.  What do you think?  Tried any of the range?  How do you feel about organic skincare?  Let us know in the comments!

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