Thursday, 4 August 2011

Products I Wish For In Summer

I really, really hate hot weather.  I burn in direct sunlight within ten minutes unless I'm covered in sun cream, sweat glow excessively when it's humid, and have been known to faint if it gets too hot.  Here are some imaginary products I wish were available that'd definitely make my summer more palatable...

Anti Perspirant Primer

The aforementioned glow causes any blush or foundation to slide straight off my face.  I wish I could buy a primer which would stop my face from getting sweaty - I'd be less of a state on the train, and my blush would have a chance of sticking to my face for more than an hour in the morning.

Airbrush SPF

Applying sun cream is a pain.  The higher the SPF, the thicker it tends to be, and the longer it takes to rub it in.  Imagine if you could just airbrush yourself with a light, even coat of SPF and walk out the door?  It'd be like an anti-spray-tan.

Self-refrigerating Cooling Spritz

Facial sprays and spritzes are lovely, but if you carry them around they get just as hot as you do.  What about a spritz which included the usual hydrating ingredients, maybe a bit of SPF, and housed in a magical self-refrigerating case which keeps the product within chilled all day.  That would be lovely.  Plus, you could hold it against your forehead on the train.

What products do you dream of in hot weather?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. I need Anti Perspirant Primer in my life. Desperately. I look like a sweaty betty for most of the summer... which is super attractive of course

  2. the self refrigerating spritz sounds like a great idea!!!

  3. I agree with all of the above!!! My idea is self-waxing legs as well. Especially the primer - by the time I've finished moisturising, my face is sweaty already - not a great base to put on foundation.. not! I'm not great in hot weather either... x

  4. I wish for an antiperspirant primer too :( it's bloody Winter yet the past few days have been so hot I've been sweating when I get into class.

  5. Oh God I would be so happy if they made all of those. I HATE the heat, it makes me feel so ugly and unhappy. I'd like sunglasses that actually stop me squinting. I've got a problem with my eyes letting in too much light and even thick black ones aren't enough in the middle of summer :(


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