Sunday, 21 August 2011

New Love: ELF Bamboo Eyeshadow and Blending Eye Brushes

I picked up these bamboo brushes as part of a recent ELF order, and I've really been enjoying using them since.  Costing just £5.50 each, the brushes feature bamboo handles, and synthetic Taklon bristles.  They're incredibly soft and lightweight, with handles that are long enough for easy grip, but short enough to be portable.

The Blending Eye brush is a gently tapered, and fits beautifully into the crease to add definition, or to blend out the edges of eyeshadow.  I was very pleased to find that whilst the brush is fluffy and pliable, it's also relatively small - perfect for applying eyeshadow to the crease with precision.

Conversely, the Eyeshadow brush is reasonably firm.  I've been reaching for it to build up colour onto the eyelid, as the firm, thick bristles make it more suitable for packing on colour than creating a soft wash of colour.  It also works really well for cream textures.

ELF bamboo brushes are available exclusively via the ELF website.  The Eyeshadow and Blending Eye brushes cost £5.50 each.  Have you tried ELF brushes?  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. sweet jesus, i am really really fancying these! xx

  2. Thanks for the review, been eye these up for a little while :D

  3. I have a load of ELF brushes, mostly the studio ones but a couple of these and I LOVE them all, I like them about the same as some much pricier brands I've tried.


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