Friday, 5 August 2011

Nail of the Fortnight: Artistic Colour Gloss in Crazed

I recently popped down to Urban Retreat at Harrods for an Artistic Colour Gloss manicure.  Artistic Colour Gloss is a soak-off gel manicure of the kind that lasts you up to two weeks - without damaging the nails underneath.  There are a whopping 66 shades on offer - this is Crazed, a hot pink-berry shade with blue, red and pink microglitter.  For some reason, I was under the impression that gel manicures were generally cream finish, so I was pleasantly surprised to see some sparkle on offer.

This photo was taken after four days, and my nails still look as fresh as they did after application.  Because the gel polish is cured with LED lights, I left the salon with bone dry, perfectly shiny nails - which was fantastic.  I'm quite clumsy, and often smudge salon manicures within half an hour of leaving, so having that possibility ruled out completely definitely works for me.  

I had thought that the gel layer would protect my nails from any accidental breaks, but I've found that as the polish layer is incredibly thin, the nails remain pretty flexible.  This means that if you're a bit clumsy (spotting a theme here?), you can still break your nails whilst wearing the gel manicure - which is what I've managed to do on my little finger.  Still, filed down below the break, the nail still looks shiny and polished.

I'll be posting again in a couple of weeks to see how long it lasts - so stay tuned for the results.  The Artistic Colour Gloss manicure (sold as the Everlasting Manicure) is available at Urban Retreat, where it will cost you £55 - certainly not cheap, but a reasonable price to pay if you want your polish guaranteed gorgeous for the entire duration of your holiday, or for a special occasion like a wedding, when you really don't want the possibility of a last minute chip.  The price includes a complimentary soak-off treatment to remove the polish from the nails.

Disclosure:  Manicure service was received free of charge as a sample


  1. I offer this and it is an amazing product. I don't have that colour though and I will have to get it in!

    YOu can get it much cheaper than that though at any salon that isn't Harrods. The going rate is £25 for most places xx


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