Saturday, 13 August 2011

Jonathan Ward - Kiss in Rio scented candle

I've got a new gem in my candle collection: Jonathan Ward's Kiss in Rio, from his Black collection. (There are several colour-themed collections available, from floral White to spicy Red via fresh summery Green.)

Kiss in Rio is a sweet, smoky blend of fragrant woods and warm spices and has a strangely old-fashioned charm. It reminds me ever so slightly of the Portrait of a Lady fragrance by Frederick Malle, which also has a sort of timeless, comforting vibe to it. The description of Kiss in Rio on the website suggests that it's an edgy, modern smell, but in fact to my nose it's the exact opposite.

The fragrance notes are: burnt cedar, vetiver, clove, black pepper, and blackcurrant leaf.

I love the presentation. Everything about it speaks of care and craftsmanship. The candle is beeswax and is hand-poured. It has a double wick and comes in a large, rounded glass with a thick base and delicate tapered edges. Also, the box artwork is delightful.

Kiss in Rio candle from Jonathan Ward - £20 for 185g or £30 for 240g.

Disclosure - PR sample


  1. With a name like that, I'm sure it smells divine!
  2. This sounds lovely and I really like the presentation. I've been meaning to get one of Jonathan Ward's candles for ages. I need to take a trip to Wholefoods!
  3. Jonathan Ward candles are honestly the best I have ever come across - lights for hours, smells amazing. You should have a look on his website cause you can buy directly from there!

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