Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Benefit They're Real mascara - my 2p's worth

OK, so every beauty blogger on the internet has covered this mascara, but I had to add my piece. This is an excellent mascara. Why? Because it's easy to apply, it gives excellent results, and it really, really lasts.

The brush, with its plastic bristles and sprig of long prongs on the end, is very reminiscent of No 7's Exceptional Definition mascara. However, the brush is only half the story. They're Real also has a superbly long-wearing pitch-black formula that dries glossy and doesn't flake or smudge. It grips like glue to the lashes.

I found 2 coats was plenty to achieve a fairly dramatic effect. The plastic brush is slightly scratchy on my inner lid as I work it right into the roots, but that's probably my technique at fault rather than the mascara. If you want to go for more than 3 coats of this, you will definitely need a lash comb.

The packaging is great - a shiny chrome-look tube with a tapered shape that's easy to identify by touch alone when rummaging in a makeup bag. It's less retro-girly than most of Benefit's range, but for me that's not a problem.

The Benefit artist who introduced me to this mascara told me that currently, their Bad Gal Lash mascara is the number 2 best selling mascara in the world (2nd only to YSL). With They're Real, Benefit are hoping to take the top spot. I think they're definitely in with a chance!

They're Real mascara costs £18.50 from Benefit online

Disclosure - PR sample


  1. I was all for buying this till you said scratchy brush. I hate brushes that do this! The only No7 mascara I loved used to be like that.

  2. I've yet to see a bad review of this, I really want to try it!

  3. Ooh it looks nice to me! I really like those sort of plastic brushes. I HATE bad girl mascara, I thought it was rubbish!

  4. ...That was me, I don't know why I was anonymous!

  5. This is actually the first review I've seen of this mascara and it's really inspired me to find a tube. I love how dramatic your lashes look. :D

  6. I feel a bit out of the loop that I haven't heard of this. I haven't really looked to Benefit for mascara because I don't like Bad Gal lashes.
    This looks great and might tempt me away from my Max Factor False Lash effect Fusion...

  7. I'd use this if it came in a brown or brown/black. If I ever wear black mascara I look off, I can't really explain it. Probably because I'm naturally blonde, so a sudden shock of black looks weird.


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