Saturday, 23 July 2011

Review: Traditional Thai Facial at Thai Square Spa

Situated in the heart of Covent Garden, Thai Square Spa is nestled beneath a food court- which makes for a slightly confusing entrance.  Head downstairs, though, and you're met with a gorgeously decorated space with an abundance of ambiance.  The colour palette is far away from the almost clinical beige-and-white of most beauty salons and spas - Thai Square is decked out in black, bronze and deep grey stone shades.  Add in golden accent lighting and traditional Thai carvings and statuettes, and you've got a space that soothes you from the second you step inside.

After slipping off my shoes in the entrance hall, I was led to a small but well equipped changing room to strip down and don a clean robe in preparation for my treatment.  After bundling my clothes into a wooden locker, examining the monsoon shower and wishing I had one at home, I was taken to the treatment room.  Much like the one pictured below, it was moodily lit, and had a beautiful copper bath tub stood in one corner - I was told it's used for some of the wet treatments.

After a cup of fragrant tea, I was wrapped up in towels and sheets on the treatment bed.  Like many facials, mine began with some incredibly delicate makeup removal (no scrubbing at eyelashes here, thankfully), followed by a gentle cleanse.  The cleansing process was incredible - my therapist's fingers fluttered across my face, and each product was removed with a never-ending supply of warm flannels.

About five minutes into the facial massage, I fell asleep.  When I awoke, my face was covered in a herbal smelling mask, and the therapist was giving me an incredible head massage.  Head massage is one of my favourite things ever, and to have one included as part of a facial is great - to have one as relaxing and invigorating as the one I received is incredible.

Post-head massage, the mask was removed with another warm flannel, and a variety of serums and creams were gently stroked onto my skin.  I was given a glass of water and led to the relaxation area outside the treatment room to laze upon a bed whilst I woke up fully, making the most of the relaxation.  Once dressed, I was given a quick tour of the facilities - the steam room and massage rooms look beautiful, clad in the same moody, evocative decor as the rest of the spa.

After the facial, my skin looked brighter and healthy, and I left the spa with skin that was clean and moisturised, but not oily with heavy moisturiser.  A few days later, and my skin still looks bright and happy, although I have noticed a few spots arising as a result of all the cleansing.

Overall, I had a wonderful time at Thai Square Spa - not least because the atmosphere and decor lent themselves to making my visit feel like a real treat, rather than just a maintenance facial.  I wouldn't hesitate to go back - I've got my eye on the half hour long scalp massage, since the one that accompanied my facial was so good.

Disclosure: My facial was provided free of charge for review purposes.


  1. What a gorgeously lit spa. I love the colors they used, too.

  2. That looks so beautiful and sounds so relaxing. I've always een terrified of falling asleep during a facial in case I do something embarrassing like snore!

  3. I *always* snore. Figure that therapists have seen and heard worse, so I don't worry about it any more :)


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