Monday, 25 July 2011

Review: No 7 Pampering Dry Oil Body Spray

I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to any kind of body maintenance.  I prefer abrasive gloves to a pot of body scrub, and I generally steer well clear of body moisturisers because they take so long to apply and rub in.  Plus, given a long soak in the bath, I'm generally far too relaxed and sleepy to bother with lotion anyway.

Luckily, I have the kind of skin which is reasonably soft without the need for moisturiser.  That said, I do love a bit of extra silkiness - so long as it comes with absolutely no effort.  I've long loved dry oil sprays for that very reason - spritz over damp skin, wave hands over body a bit, air dry, and voila!  Moisturised, silky soft skin.

I recently treated myself to a bottle of No 7's Pampering Dry Oil Body Spray, which comes in a generously sized 200ml bottle and costs a reasonable £8.75.  I've been using it after baths as and when I can be bothered, and have found that much like the classic Avon dry oils I've used in the path, the No 7 spray is rather lovely - inoffensively scented, it smells slightly powdery on application, and once it's sunk in, leaves no discernible fragrance on the skin.  It sinks in quickly, requiring only minimal smoothing across the skin, and leaves absolutely no residue at all.  

Packaging wise, it's not the most luxurious looking product in the world - but with it's frosted embossed scrollwork, it's pretty enough to leave on display.  The spray head dispenses a perfectly fine mist which covers a decent amount of skin, making it very quick to apply.

One word of caution: whilst dry oil body sprays are indeed excellent for lazy moisturising, they are also pretty lethal if you spritz yourself whilst standing on a tile floor and then try to walk out of the room.  I've taken to applying mine whilst standing in the bath, and then climbing out very, very carefully, to avoid the worst of the slipping potential.  

Aside from the potential danger caused by my own ineptness, I'm pretty much in love with this affordable, accessible dry oil spray - the light, subtle scent and quick absorption make it a must have in any lazy lady's bathroom.  If you'd like to try it for yourself, you'll find it both in store and online at Boots, where a 200ml bottle will cost you £8.75.  What do you think?  Love dry oil sprays, or prefer to invest time in a body butter?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. Apparently the avon one is really good used as an insect repellent too, don't know about this one though! xx

  2. Oh I love a dry oil spray, will be adding that to the list of things I "need" when the next No 7 £5 vouchers are available!

  3. I'd... never actually heard of a dry oil spray! I may investigate, I only tend to use body butters to make scars heal faster, which probably isn't their intended purpose, but they're awfully good for it, I've found...


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