Sunday, 3 July 2011

Review: Liz Earle Healthy Beautiful Skin Facial

I've had many facials in my time.  I credit my glowingly clear wedding day skin to regular monthly Darphin treats, which cost a bomb but gave me incredible results.  I've also had some duff ones - including those which ran too short, or which were administered with onion breath.  So when I tell you that my recent experience at the Liz Earle flagship store was absolutely the best facial I've ever had, I'm basing my comparison on a wealth of experience!

Tucked away in the Duke of York Square, a little pedestrian square of high end boutiques, the Liz Earle store and treatment rooms are light, bright, and airy.  Beneath the spacious and well stocked shop floor lie a total of seven treatment rooms, each named after bays on the Isle of Wight, the brand's home.  The treatment rooms manage to be both roomy and cosy at the same time, with soft lighting and a clean colour palette bringing a tremendous sense of calm.

I've often said that it's the little things that really make a good facial great.  The Liz Earle treatment rooms are full of those little touches - a proper lockable cupboard with hangers for your clothes, a ledge for your handbag, and a space to tuck your shoes away.  And the bed!  Far from the usual flat treatment bed, the Liz Earle beds are electronically controlled and give excellent back and knee support.  Add an electric blanket, plenty of cushions and throws, and I knew I was in for a treat before the therapist had touched my face.

Cuddled up in the warmth of the bed, I was given a comprehensive consultation on my skin, asked what I wanted from the facial, and any specific concerns.  After a thorough cleanse, tone and exfoliate, the therapist brought out some Superbalm and started the facial massage.  The Healthy Beautiful Skin facial makes a big deal out of this- at least half an hour of my facial was dedicated to targeted sculpting massage, concentrating on my forehead, where I'd highlighted some fine lines I was worried about.

I admit it, I fell asleep.  I might even have snored.  After the facial massage, a mixture of masks was applied to my face, and I was treated to a very thorough and effective neck and shoulder massage.  I absolutely adored it - my shoulders, which were achy and tense before the treatment, were left relaxed and unknotted.  And extra brownie points for not rushing out of the room while the mask is left on, too - a personal bugbear!

After an application of moisturiser, eye cream and lip treatment, I was left to ease myself out of bed at my own pace.  My skin looked fantastic immediately after the facial - plumped up, smooth and radiant, and that glow hung around for a couple of days afterwards.  Needless to say, I left the Liz Earle treatment rooms feeling incredibly relaxed and thrilled with the facial - and indeed, I've already rebooked for six weeks time.

The Healthy Beautiful Skin facial at Liz Earle just off the Kings Road in London costs £65 for an hour - well worth every penny in my mind.  I'll definitely be a repeat customer!

Disclosure: I was lucky enough to be treated to a complimentary facial as a preview of the service.  


Emily said...

This sounds utterly divine but then, of course it does - if anyone was going to create the perfect facial, it'd have to be Liz Earle :)

SO FAR, SO CHIC said...

Gosh, heaven or what! WANT! xx

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