Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Review and Swatches: Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge Color in RS-1

Just what are you supposed to do, as a seasoned beauty addict, when you've bought your way through the high street?  Venture online, of course.  And if you've browsed and bought your way through a big proportion of online, you might just find yourself lusting after makeup made by Japanese brands, like this lipstick by Lavschua.

Lavschua is one of many diffusion brands made by Kanebo.  Their packaging is absolutely, totally divine - where Western brands tend to embrace sleek minimalism, Japanese brands tend to go towards feminine and intricate.  This lipstick is no exception.  The detailed casing makes this it the prettiest in my collection.

Dramatic Memory Rouge Colour (love the name) is a moisturising lipstick which has a medium pigmentation finish.  The texture is new to me - whilst many moisturising lipsticks are slick and slippy, this one is actually quite thick and waxy.  It doesn't glide onto the lips, but requires a bit more a controlled application before the product warms.  It feels like a thick, intensive lip balm, but with a shiny, pigmented, lipstick-like finish.

RS-1 is a medium rose with purplish undertones.  It does contain a fair bit of glitter, although it's relatively fine and the effect is more sparkling than disco.  My overriding impression of this lipstick is the comfort in the wear - it goes around four hours before you need a top up, and it doesn't dry the lips out at all.  Even after a day of reapplication, my lips are left soft and moist feeling, which is a good thing - sometimes, even non-drying lipsticks can leave your lips feeling a bit parched after a whole day's wear.

All in all, this is a lovely lipstick, and one which I'll definitely keep using - but I'm probably not going to rush out and buy more shades, as I personally like more pigment.  If you're looking for a decent wearing, lip-friendly lipstick with medium pigmentation and gorgeous packaging, this might be for you.

I bought my Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge lipstick from Ichibankao, who ship Japanese makeup worldwide.  It cost around £16, with free shipping.  What do you think?  Like this look of this, or prefer the minimalist packaging look?  Tried any Japanese makeup?  Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I would honestly buy this just for the packaging *____* I've just recently got into azn cosmetics, and my eBay watch list has since grown tenfold! Haha


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