Friday, 15 July 2011

NOTD Sinful Colors Let's Talk

Woah! Vivid metallic purple on an indigo base, and guaranteed to draw attention, Sinful Colors Let's Talk is one extreme polish. 

It's also very cheap (£2.99 from my local discount/import cosmetics shop), and wears well at about 4-5 days before first chipping. It applies wonderfully, as so many blue-based colours seem to. It glides onto the nail in dense, smooth layers without a hint of dragging.

The pictures have drawn out the blue and toned down the purple. In reality, this is really quite purpley. In the right light, it's similar in colour to the foil on a bar of Dairy Milk. 

It's a gorgeous polish, all in all, and has drawn compliments several times when I've worn it.

There is a Sinful Colors UK website, but it looks kind of... primitive. I haven't used it, but they do have this colour in stock.


  1. Aw this colour reminds me of the first 'grown-up' nail polish I ever got - after tinkerbell bottles and peel off formulas. It was from Bourjois and a birthday present from my mum - almost exactly this colour. Feel like I have to have this now!

  2. It's a gorgeous colour. I love Sinful Colors but can't find them anywhere near me! :(

  3. This is so pretty - I'll definitely keep an eye out for this brand!

  4. Love finding cheap polish that is actually good quality - don't think I can stray away from Barry M though as they're a similar price! Might try some in the future if I came across them.

    xxx Kat


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