Wednesday, 6 July 2011

June 2011: This month, we have mostly been wearing...

After forgetting to bring you a May monthly roundup (we were probably distracted by cake), we're back again with our breakdown of products which we've been wearing/using/smelling a lot this month.


1.  Nubar Nail Lacquer (around £7/15ml)
Since I happened to buy the absolutely stunning Reclaim and Stardust polishes, I've been spending quite a bit of time looking through Nubar's extensive catalogue of colours.  Some of their shades are absolutely, incredibly unique, and with decent application and wear, I'm sold.

2.  Lush Jackie Oates Colour Supplement (£7.50/20g)*
This high pigment cream is a multi purpose base product - it can be used alone as a foundation, mixed in with moisturiser to create a tint, or used as concealer.  The Jackie Oates shade joins the existing four-strong line up to give us pale skinned girls a more suitable shade - and it matches my pale, cool toned skin pretty well.  It's probably a little too high coverage for me to use as a foundation on its own, but mixed in with moisturiser, it makes an adjustable tint.

3.  Naked Bounce Curl Defining Conditioner (£3.99/250ml)
I love a bit of Naked, and whilst this conditioner isn't what I was expecting, I love it.  I thought it would be a thick, rich affair best used on mid lengths and ends, but I've found it to be rather thinner and lighter - and for me, it makes a perfect co-wash.  Using this on my roots with a bit of water gets my hair gorgeously clean, with no residue.

4.  Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm (£15/15ml)*
I hate summer.  I hate being sweaty, and I hate the fact that I can't wear a lot of makeup as it just slides down my face.  Being a lipstick lover, I also dislike the fact that the summer generally is incompatible with richly pigmented, opaquely covered lips.  I've been finding myself reaching for my Colour Quench lip balm in Sweet Fig a lot in this hot weather - it's easy to wear, adds a little colour, and is glossy and moisturising.

4.  Muji PP Storage Boxes (various sizes and prices)
I haven't really been wearing, using or smelling these, but I have bought a few more to add to my collection, most recently because I now own quite a lot of nail varnish (ahem).  These sturdy, stacking storage boxes come in a variety of widths and depths, and are perfect for storing a large makeup collection.


1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser in Nude (£33 for 44.3ml)
"The" tinted moisturiser, and not something I'd usually splurge so much on, but I was lucky enough to get this at a very good price as part of a set in the Space NK sample sale. It's very very light, and has SPF20. Great for "good skin days" as it imparts a healthy sheen and glow over the face, but most people will need some kind of concealer too.

2. Korres Mint Tea shower gel (£7.50 for 250ml)
Has a beautiful, light fresh smell that's strangely reminiscent of CK One. Leaves skin very very soft. Amazing value for such good quality and unique fragrance.

3. Urban Decay Cannonball mascara (£15 for 11ml)*
I've reviewed this recently, but it still deserves a place on the monthly list, as it's become my go-to mascara. I love how reliable it is, especially in hot weather when makeup has a tendency to migrate.

4. Les Freres Carrieres scented candle in Titio (£15-£42 for 190gm)
This was another find at the Space NK sample sale. For a long time I've been hankering after a Diptique candle in Feu de Bois, but my longing has been temporarily assuaged by this equally woodsmokey scented candle. The price is given as a range above, because although I paid £15 for mine on sale, and the original RRP was £30, Amazon sees fit to charge £42. This is the only UK seller I could find though, so that's the link above.

5. MAC Blacktrack Fluidline (£13.50 for 3g)
An old, old favourite that I've been rediscovering recently. Blacktrack is one of the most popular and enduring cream eyeliner products, and does a fantastic job creating a defined cat eye or smudgy effect on the upper lid.

* denotes PR samples


  1. I have Nubar's Reclaim and love it!

    I have 4 of the Muji 5 drawer units, and am waiting for the deeper drawers to come in stock. Love them!

  2. Ahh I love Reclaim so much, I need more Nubar, I love the formula. And I think I need to try Jackie Oates :)

  3. Oh wow, that polish looks fantastic. Holos seem to have fallen behind in the crackle craze, and I'm dying for them to come into fashion in the same way so that some more affordable brands will take then up, too xD


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