Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Boots No 7 Lash Adapt mascara - 6 coats, no clumps?

New for autumn, Boots No 7's latest mascara, Lash Adapt, claims to be pushing the frontiers of lash volume and definition with a new "unique formula" containing jojoba oil. It's designed to allow you to build up lash volume with "weightless layers", and - key claim - to allow 6 coats while still retaining lash definition.

That's a testable proposition if ever I heard one...

Without further ado - here are the pictures, coat by coat.

No mascara. (This is the "control group" in my highly regulated experiment.)

Coat 1. So far so good. A nice, even base with good definition. The brush has dense, long-ish bristles and is easy to use.

Coat 2. A little more definition.

Coat 3. A hint of clump and straggle.

Coat 4. I'm really hauling the brush through the lashes at this stage. My makeup remover is going to have its work cut out.

Coat 5. I'm really not comfortable with this level of "definition". I'm trying to separate the lashes with the brush, but they're determined to clump.


So there you have it. No 7 say "up to 6 coats". I say "stop at 3, and this is quite a good volumising mascara."

Lash Adapt mascara will be available from 10 August at Boots, costing £12.50 for 7ml.

Disclosure - PR sample


Julianne said...

LOL! Six coats look terrible. I'd probably stop at two but then any clumpiness at all really annoys me.

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

Now more than two coats for me I think! How often do No 7 have to release a mascara? Every few months I think! x

G A B Y said...

OMG Who puts on 6 coats of mascara anyway? Ridiculous! Thanks for this review!

Lillian Funny Face said...

Why would you want to use 6 coats anyway? 2/3 coats looks nice!

SilhouetteScreams said...

Oh gosh that's a bit terrifying D: but LOL they should totally have "stop at 3, and this is quite a good volumising mascara" in their ad campaign XD

Plus Size Shopaholic said...

6 coats. Tammy Faye Bakker anyone? (Google if you're not sure who I mean!)

Personally I never do more than 2 coats. I use Boots Lash 360 at the moment and really like it.

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