Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Review - Clarins Hydraquench Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturiser season (as I have come to think of the time between April and June) is one of the happiest times of the year for me, beauty-wise. Brands release their latest greatest formulations of light and natural looking colour, packed with sunscreens and various chemico-herbal innovations, just in time to catch the consumer before she goes off on her sun-drenched holidays.

Back in rainy London, I make do without blissed-out beach lounging, contenting myself with swatching all the TMs I can get my hands on.

I was very glad to get the chance to try the new Hydraquench Tinted Moisturizer from Clarins. Having tried and enjoyed their Hydraquench skincare, I was hoping for a killer combination of colour and care, and indeed that's what's promised - the blurb advises that in addition to SPF 6 (not going to cut it on the beach, but adequate for a dull day in London) the product delivers the benefits of a hydrating Madagascan bush called katafray, whose moisturising properties make this "the next generation of tinted moisturisers" (this from the press release).

It comes packaged in a travel-friendly 50ml tube with a screw-on lid (so it won't pop open in your bag). I really like the little design detail of the word "Clarins" written off-centre on the lid.

The texture is light and smooth, without a hint of SPF greasiness. It dries down to a light siliconey-powdery finish. The scent is gorgeous. "Parfum" is among the ingredients, but the smell could easily be naturally derived. It's clean, fresh and slightly floral.

One major drawback for pale-skinned people is the colour range. I have 01 Naturel, the lightest shade, and as you can see it's quite stridently orange on my pasty white skin. I could conceivably use it as a sort of liquid bronzer, but only in the summer months. I tried a few testers out in the wild, just in case my tube was mis-labelled, but found that this is an accurate representation of 01, and the other shades are progressively darker.

If you have a tanned or naturally deep skintone, I recommend giving this product a try as it's luxurious, practical and smells gorgeous. If you're anything like me, you'll probably have to wait a bit longer to see if Clarins bring out any paler shades.

Hydraquench Tinted Moisturiser costs £27 from Clarins 

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