Sunday, 26 June 2011

Paul & Joe Blue Horizon collection - photos

Here are a few gratuitous snaps of the Paul & Joe summer collection, Blue Horizon, which we previewed recently.

The theme is - of course - tropical summer getaways, and all products are designed to be applied quickly with a fingertip in relaxed holiday style. Apparently the collection was inspired by the experience of floating in Caribbean waters with a cocktail in one hand. (As you do.)

Nail polishes range from silver glitter to bright coral and pink cremes. All of them are lightly scented when dry.

Here are the two we especially loved - the one on the left (Venus) is apparently the piece that seeded the whole collection. The blue is the exact tone of the tropical summer sky. On the right, Mediterranean, the navy jelly polish with big reflective glitter, reminded us irresistibly of Deborah Lippmann's "Across the Universe".

Body Lotion B - a cooling gel lotion designed to provide maximum relief for overheated skin in humid weather - particularly aimed at the Japanese market for the sweltering Asian summers.

Eyeshadows in Le Midi (top), Adrift (middle) and Tranquility (bottom). Swirly and gorgeous.

Three eye gloss duos in Smooth Sailing (back), Depth (middle) and Fathom (front). Despite the name "gloss", these dry down into a power on the lid and last surprisingly well.

Swirly, sparkly Lip Gloss B, with moisturising jojoba oil. L-R Sailor's Delight, Swept Away, L'Horizon Bleu. The blue one makes your teeth look whiter.

Finally, here's the co-creator, Craig-Ryan French, one of the most inventive and highly skilled makeup artists we've met. He's the lead artist for the whole Paul & Joe line, and (as we've mentioned before) was also the SFX artist in charge of the Saw films. (How cool is that?)

Thanks for another fine collection, Craig-Ryan & co!

The Paul & Joe Beaute Blue Horizon collection is available now at

Disclosure - we received some samples from this collection at the preview event

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  1. Those nail polishes look stunning! I could do with some of that cooling gel too, I can't cope with the heat! And it's so cool that he did the makeup for the Saw films!


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