Friday, 24 June 2011

NOTD: Nubar Reclaim

This, my friends, is Nubar's Reclaim, a mid-green holo, the likes of which I've never seen before.  It's gorgeous; the holographic effect is strong enough that even in low light you catch glimpses of it, and in bright daylight, it's incredibly eyecatching.

Holo aside, this polish applied like a dream - this is three thin quick drying coats - and with a bit of topcoat looked incredibly, glassily smooth.  Wear was average at about three days before it chipped; for a colour this gorgeous and unique, though, I really don't care about the wear.

If you're in love with this colour as much as I am, you'll find it at Feel Unique, where it will cost £6.80 a bottle.


  1. Ahh I have this one and luuuurve it! So unique and beautiful, I'm a sucker for anything holographic. Your nails look great!

  2. Just placed my first nubar order this evening and Reclaim was part of that order.


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