Thursday, 2 June 2011

Lip of the Day: RMK Irresistible Lips B Lipstick in Metallic Pink

This is RMK's Irresistible Lips B Lipstick in Metallic Pink, which was a birthday gift from my husband (isn't he good?). It's a fairly deep, intense pink, with a gorgeous frosty shimmer which is metallic enough to look interesting, but not so much that you look a bit early 90s.  The texture is incredible - ultra slick, ultra smooth, it glides on the lips moistly, and leaves a fair bit of shine as well as a hefty whack of pigment.  The shine dulls down within an hour or so, but the colour hangs around for a good four or five hours, and is entirely comfortable throughout.  Lovely.

The packaging is also rather lovely - simple, shiny chrome, which isn't particularly heavy yet still feels expensive.  Unfortunately, not quite as hardy as I'd like - mine has spent a couple of weeks in my handbag and the shiny casing is already a bit scuffed and scratched, which is a shame.

Sadly, it seems that the only way to get hold of the myriad shades of these lipsticks is via a Selfridge's beauty hall - they're stocked online at other webstores, but I've yet to find one which has the complete colour range.  Metallic Pink, like the others in the range, will cost you a slightly-luxe-but-not-Tom-Ford-insane £16.

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