Sunday, 19 June 2011

Excellent: Boots Clean Off Nail Polish Remover

I quite like a bit of glitter nail polish.  In fact, that's a bit of an understatement - I absolutely LOVE glitter nail polish.  What I don't love is the pain in the arse that is removing glitter polish - so I tend to go for nail polish removers which have tons of acetone in them.  All the better to dissolve the glitter from my nails.

The most recent bottle I picked up was a cheap one from Boots - Clean Off Nail Polish Remover.  At £1.33, it's very cheap indeed, and it definitely fulfils my glitter-dissolving requirements.  This stuff is very potent - it stinks to high heaven, and used cotton pads with even a bit of this on them fill an entire room with that overpowering nail polish remover smell.  So much so that my husband has insisted that I put used cotton in the bathroom bin instead of in our bedroom.

Anyway - the potent scent sits alongside a very strong action - this lifts normal polish off the nail incredibly quickly, and with a tiny bit of soaking, makes short work of glitter polishes too.  After use my nails are a little dry, but used with a decent strengthener (as I do every time I paint my nails), I've not noticed any long term problems with using such a harsh remover.  I'll definitely be buying another bottle.

If you'd like to try this one for yourself, you'll find it in store and online at Boots, where a 150ml bottle will cost a very reasonable £1.33.  What do you think?  What's the best remover you've ever tried?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. Sounds good! My favourite polish remover is Cutex Nourishing it smells like vanilla custard or something! :D

  2. I've taken to using pure acetone. Its what professionals tend to use, and although harsh, it removes things so much faster there is much less contact with your skin!

  3. That is reasonable! I don't really have a favourite at the moment, looking to try out pure acetone though.

  4. I've been using and loving Cutex Ultra Cleansing remover!

  5. @Lillian: I tried and loved Cutex Nourishing too! Not quite harsh enough for me though..

    @Charlie & Student's Guide: Pure acetone eh? Must give that a go.

    @Stephanie: I quite like Cutex Ultra Cleansing too - think this is a slightly cheaper version :)

  6. Yeah i too got this one to take the glitter varnish off my nails... I was previously using 'Chemistry lab' acetone for the glitter ones... but this one works wonder on them.... haven't tried on crackles nail polishes yet, but i'm sure it'll do the job...i would definitely recommend this :)


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