Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sneaky Peek: No 7 False Lashes

No 7's new range of false lashes come in a wide variety of styles to take you from daytime flutter to nighttime glamour.  Here's a sneaky peek at the 50 Lash - the second most dramatic in the range.

They're supplied with clear glue, and whilst I could feel the glue along my lashline once they were applied, there was absolutely none of that heaviness you sometimes get with a fluttery pair of lashes.  For such a dramatic effect, I can barely feel them on my eye at all - I'll definitely be trying some of the more natural styles when they're released!

No 7 lashes will be available from late August and will cost you a very reasonable £7.50.

Disclosure:  Applied free of charge at a press event


  1. Oh my god, these look *amazing* on you!

  2. They are pretty amazing! I'll definitely be trying out some of the more natural ones.

  3. Wow, they look a-mazing!! I'll be sure to get some....even though I'm really cack-handed!

  4. I thought that was not fake eyelashes.. It looks natural.. how amazing it is.. :):)

  5. They look seriously amazing on you! I can't seem to wear artificial eyelashes - my eyes only like the human hair ones! But these look so good I may have to give them a go...


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