Friday, 6 May 2011

Review & Swatches: NARS Super Orgasm Illuminator

NARS really have taken the best-selling Orgasm blush shade and turned it into a multitude of other products - you can get Orgasm and Super Orgasm blush, multiple, polish, and lipgloss should it tickle your fancy.  The Illuminators are the latest product to get the Orgasm treatment - and new for summer is Super Orgasm illuminator, a more intense version of the peachy-pink with gold shimmer of the original Orgasm illuminator.

Designed to add light and radiance when applied underneath or mixed into foundation, and to provide highlight on bare skin, Super Orgasm illuminator is sheerly pigmented and very, very sparkly.  The tiny blob above, spread over my entire hand, gives a very glittery effect which I'd worry was entirely too much for my face.  About half as much mixed in with my foundation, though, wasn't noticeably glittery at all in full sunlight:

The effect on the skin is slightly sparkling and glowy, and I could probably have gone a little bit heavier with it if I'd been looking for more shimmer.  I couldn't see any obvious chunks of glitter without leaning very close to the mirror - but they were there.  

I think I'll quite like using this as more of a highlight (in tiny, tiny quantities), and I do quite like the glowy, radiant effect that it gives mixed in with foundation.  Given how little product you actually need, the 30ml tube will probably last an absolute age - and sadly, the illuminator isn't suitable for use on the body, as it's not transfer resistant.  

Overall, I'm in two minds about this product.  It's a full on tint which will give you a glow, but you'll only really love it if you're a big glitter fan.  I like my glitter concentrated on my eyelids or nails rather than spread across my whole face.  Worth a try if you like a shimmery glow, but do bear in mind just how sparkly it is before you buy!

Available as part of the NARS summer collection, the Super Orgasm Illuminator costs £24 for 30ml and can be found at NARS counters and on the NARS website.  What do you think?  Love the sparkle, or think it's too much?  Let us know in the comments!

Disclosure: PR sample


  1. I never know how to apply things like this or when (before or after foundation) so it makes sense to mix it.

  2. I was scared to try this but after seeing it on you, I'm rather tempted now... I'd use it either before or after foundation depending on how much I want it to show.

    Bet it would look really cute over a cream blush.



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