Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Review & Swatches: La Femme Blush On Rouge

I'm totally blaming Charlotte for these purchases.  La Femme Cosmetics are a bit of a makeup artist secret; their products aren't available in department stores, and those outside the industry might not have heard of them.  Now available in the UK via a few select online makeup stores, the blushes were the absolute must-try product for me.

And bloody hell, they're fantastic, in the true sense of the word.

Left to right: Golden Ruby, Golden Rose

Left to right: Precious Plum, Rose Chiffon, Crystal Cafe

Left to right: Golden Ruby, Golden Rose, Precious Plum, Rose Chiffon, Crystal Cafe

Why are these blushes so fantastic?  Well, first off, they're amazingly well pigmented.  Those swatches up there were taken with a very, very light fingertip press on the surface of each pan.  If you swirl your blush brush over a La Femme pan, you are quite likely to end up looking like a clown - these are definitely the kind of blushes that require a tiny, gentle dip into the pan rather than a swirl.  Because of the high pigment, I find it easier to apply sheerly at first and build up colour slowly.

Golden Rose applied.  Not sure why I'm scowling!

Secondly, these blush pans are incredibly cheap.  £2.99 each cheap.  Granted, you'll need to invest in some kind of palette to keep them in, but at £2.99 a pop, they're much more affordable than many other professional brands.  That incredible price, plus the high pigment, means I'll be filling in the spaces in my palette pretty darn quick.

If you'd like to try some La Femme Blush On Rouge pans for yourself, you'll find them at Love-Makeup, or Cocktail Cosmetics, for the mere price of £2.99.  What do you think?  Like the look of these?  Tried them yourself?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. I really want to try these, Charlotte's review got me intrigued but this is the icing on the cake. I may need to invest in a decent blush brush though, any suggestions?

  2. Stunning, you've made me want every one of these now.

  3. I was just looking for these this morning, makeupmania sells them too and I think they ship worldwide, but I didn't get far enough in my cart to figure that out. I wanted to get the shade "orange", but it didn't come available in the custom palette option, which was a shame, so I didn't order. But they are super cheap, only $2.50 for the pan.

  4. @Julianne - I have blush brushes from MAC (expensive but v. good) and from Crown/Royal brush which are much cheaper and just as good. I'd recommend the Royal brush silk pro range - and the Body Shop have some fab brushes too!

  5. Wow, great tip! Thanks. I'm putting in an order this second! I'm sick of being disappointed by blushes.

  6. I love La Femme blushes, but I wish that we could buy them in shops in the UK as sometimes shades dont look quite right online and you can get something you dont expect, if you know what I mean?

    Great post, nice blog :-)



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