Sunday, 1 May 2011

Review: Simple Gentle Care Conditioner

Who knew Simple did conditioners, eh?  To me, they're synonymous with skincare - but when I saw a deal on in Boots for their haircare products, and found that the Gentle Care conditioner contains only a water soluble silicone, I had to grab a couple.

The conditioner comes in a 200ml bottle, and despite having bought several similar sized products recently, I really felt that I wasn't getting a lot of product in the bottle.  That's probably down to the texture of the conditioner; it's relatively thin, and doesn't have very much slip to it.  I had to use about a quarter of a bottle to effectively coat my roots so that I could use it as a cleanser; if I wanted to use it from roots to ends, I wouldn't be surprised if I used up an entire bottle to saturate my thick hair.

As thin and non-slippy as it is, my hair was left feeling soft and shiny, and not at all weighed down.  The amount I had to use, though, makes me suspect that it's likely to be a better match for someone with fine, normal to oily hair as opposed to dry curly hair like mine.  Whilst this conditioner is definitely a bargain - at around £2.50 a bottle - using half of it a time isn't particularly economical.

If you'd like to try Simple's Gentle Care conditioner for yourself, you'll find it at Sainsbury's and at Boots, both in store and online, where it will cost you £2.56.


  1. This sounds like it might work well for me actually! I had no idea Simple did haircare, but I'll keep a look out for it now! Thanks for another fab review xx

  2. I reckon it probably would work for me - very, very light! Let us know how it works out for you! :)


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