Saturday, 14 May 2011

Review: Nuxe Fondant Firming Cream

Luxurious, natural thinking French brand Nuxe have recently revamped their bodycare range, adding new products designed to address specific skin concerns such as cellulite and loss of firmness.  Fondant Firming Cream is, unsurprisingly, the one designed to help firm and lift the skin.  Nuxe describe it as having a "delightful texture" that's "easily absorbed".

Scented gently with a breeze of coconut, I'll agree that it has a delightful texture - the consistency is soft, silky, almost air whipped, and manages to be both light and rich at once.  A little dab goes a long way, thanks to the silkiness - but I definitely wouldn't agree with the easily absorbed.  Every time I've tried to use this cream, it starts to roll off in those annoying little strands of product almost immediately after I've massaged it evenly across my skin.  I've tried it several times on squeaky clean skin, not squeaky clean skin, and I've even gone so far as to try it on my husband's arm, as his skin is much drier than mine.  Same effect.

Not one for me, I'm afraid - perhaps it's best used by those with dry, dehydrated skin, although the Nuxe website does say it's suitable for all skin types, and that it can be used year round.  I won't be getting anywhere near the bottom of the tub on this one!
If you want to try Nuxe's Fondant Firming Cream for yourself, you'll find it at FeelUnique, where it will set you back £33 for 200ml.  Have you tried this product?  Did it work better for you?  What do you think about firming bodycare products in general?  Let us know in the comments!

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  1. That's interesting because one of my favourite face creams is Nuxe Ultra Comfortable Face Cream and noticed the little clumps of product when I rub it in too much as well. Quite annoying as the cream is lovely otherwise. Your post has made me question this a bit more now. Thank you! xXx

  2. Finally, an honest experience with this product. I had a feeling it sounded too good to be true. Which is actually good news because I just invested in Ahava products after trying John Masters. Ahava works well but I can't deal with the fragrance of the body butter. The hand cream works extremely well but smells even worse. It has a strong grandma smell that does not fade away. Makes me nauseous. John Masters, on the other hand, smells heavenly! It's mostly organic and has won many awards. However, I have yet to see much of a difference in my hair or skin. It is also slightly pricey and there are so many different products you need to purchase. Why can't there be one exfoliator/cleanser for your head to your toes and one moisturizer/sealant/protectant? I have tried cold pressed virgin coconut oil. Although it was pleasantly scented and felt great, I did not like the greasy look it left me in. There must be something simple and good out there! Anyone know what it is?

  3. Glad to find this honest experience. Knew it was too good to be true. Have recently invested in Ahava regimen and John Masters. Ahava works incredibly well, but the smell makes me nauseated. The hand cream has a very strong grandma smell that does not fade away! Yet my hands have never been so soft! The body butter is a little more tolerable smelling more like an Aunt. Yet my skin feels like a baby's bottom! However I have not seen as much improvement with the Extreme Night Treatment ($78 an ounce!) which isn't pleasantly scented either. It's saving grace was the shower gel which smells yummy like violets and works really nice leaving me feeling clean and soft and smooth. The dual action facial cleanser/toner is fairly decent too. On the other hand, John Masters is mostly organic and smells like heaven! But I don't see any significant difference in my hair and skin like the Ahava. The one cellulite reducing, skin firming product I thought kind of worked and smelled lovely was St. Raphael Thigh Factor 2000 which runs around $30-40 for 4 ounces which lasts almost a month. Hope this helps.


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