Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Review: Nude Replenishing Night Oil

It's not often that I take before and after photos for skincare.  I do it for eye creams which promise to cut down dark circles, and for short-term radiance boosting products, but generally not for more basic maintenance products.  This is simply because it can take a long time for any difference to appear on the skin and a photo of a single moment in that long time period isn't necessarily indicative of any result.  So, when I started using this Nude Replenishing Night Oil, I didn't take a before photo.  And now, I'm really wishing I had!

Nude Replenishing Night Oil is a bit of a rare beast in that its ingredients list is composed of entirely oils, both base and essential.  No chemical bits you can't pronounce, let alone understand.  Just oil.  I've been applying two drops to just-cleansed skin on a nightly basis and I've been very, very impressed.

Facial oils can sometimes be slightly heavy, and if they are heavy, they can also be difficult to blend over the skin.  I've tried a fair few which have been best applied to a slightly damp face, so the oil can move atop the water for even distribution.  Nude's facial oil requires absolutely no tricks, though - it's incredibly light and velvety for something which is made entirely of oil, and is very easy to spread across the skin.  Two drops is enough to more than adequately cover my entire face.

Once applied, I can almost feel my skin start to absorb the oil immediately.  There's no going to bed with a residue on the skin with this oil, as by the time it's been applied, and massaged in slightly, it's pretty much absorbed.  I've been applying a bit of moisturiser on top of the oil, as my forehead is quite dry at the moment, and I've been waking up with incredibly soft, plumped up, glowing skin.

A month later, and I'm pretty sure that my frown lines and forehead lines are softened and less noticeable, and that my skin overall is more radiant, softer, and generally looks very, very healthy.  And that's why I'm kicking myself about the lack of before and after photos!  At £44 for £15ml, this is an expensive oil - but the gorgeous, melting texture, and glowy, healthy skin effect, I reckon it's worth it.  I'll definitely be repurchasing.

Nude Replenishing Night Oil costs £44 for 15ml and is available from SpaceNK, and the Nude website - although it's quite hard to find stock right now, as it's been featured in the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible as a bit of a wonder product.  What do you think?  Tried this, or any other facial oils?  Let us know in the comments!

Disclosure: PR sample


  1. I had a large sample size of this from a set and it was amazing.. until one drunken night I knocked it into the toilet :(

    I'm using up my Trilogy oil now but I'll definitely be repurchasing this (and not keeping on the shelf in the bathroom!)

  2. Found this at Whole Foods Market in Kensington London last year 2012. It has a short life though being natural oils and I noticed a distinct change in aroma after I hadn't used it for a few months. Gives me puffy eyes if I use it too close to my eyes. I alternate between this and Clarins Super Restorative Night Wear which I also love.

    1. Unfortunately I think it's been discontinued now :(


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