Thursday, 5 May 2011

NOTD - Barry M Instant Nail Effects (white)

Here's a few snaps of Barry M Instant Nail Effects in white, worn over Essie's summer-blue-sky creme, Lapis of Luxury.

I really like the "blue sky, white clouds" effect this gives.

Like the other Barry M crackle polishes, the white has a matte finish, so a clear top coat is needed to give your manicure a glossy look.

After taking photos, I decided to experiment a little with my black crackle top coat too. I'm definitely still having fun with the crackle trend. Messy, chaotic fun, but definitely fun.

What do you think? Still loving the crackle effect polishes or it is a case of "enough shatter already"?


  1. ooh no! enough for me! I really dislike the coloured ones! sorry :(

  2. nope, they're not for me either..I like shatters but that one looks a bit 'lumpy'! think crackles should be really sheer..otherwise looks a bit fungussy. :-)

  3. I have to say I prefer the blacks whites and silvers to the coloured ones, they are a bit too much for my eyes lol. Still undecided on how much I like crackle polishes. This however looks lovely! xx

  4. I hate crackle polishes, but i have to say this looks lovely! I don't particularly like the black, but the white and blue reminds me of cloudy skies! so pretty. xo.


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