Friday, 27 May 2011

Lip of the Day: Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick #55

This is Inglot's Slim Gel Lipstick in shade 55, a brownish red with subtle coppery glitter.  I chose it because I love a red lip, and own rather a lot of red lipsticks, but don't have anything anywhere near this shade.  It's rich, dramatic, and flattering, and would look rather lovely paired with neutral blush and copper-brown liner.  Lovely.

The formula of the Slim Gel Lipstick is strange; until it's warmed up, it's like a stick of wax - hard, unyielding, and draggy when applied to the lips.  Once it's warmed up, though, it takes on a much softer, weightless feeling, and is extremely comfortable on the lip, whilst maintaining a texture that grips the lips and doesn't feel slippy.  I like it - and I might have to investigate a few of the other colours in the range soon.

Unfortunately, Inglot still haven't sorted their online store for the UK out - so if you'd like to check this out, you'll have to trek to Inglot at the Westfield shopping centre in London, where the lipstick will cost you around £10.


  1. Eeee, I'm going there tomorrow! I have a couple of reds like this but the more I see of their lippies, the more I WANT.

  2. That looks fab on you! I love Inglot, I wish it was as cheap here as in the US :(


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