Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Swatches: Kryolan Satin Powder Eyeshadow & Glamour Sparks Powder

I really love the foiled, ultra shiny effect that's made possible by loose pigment eyeshadows - but I hate the faff of fiddling with little open pots that comes with them.  So I was both surprised and excited by the packaging of these Kryolan loose powder products - I can't believe this kind of packaging isn't more widely used.  The screw top jar is pretty much ubiquitous with loose powders - but the little cover with a small hole, as shown above, is something I've not seen before.  It prevents me from dipping my brush too deeply into the power, and a bit of a knock is less likely to result in all the powder falling out of the pot.  Genius.

Anyway, inside this excellent packaging is Kryolan's Satin Powder and Glamour Sparks loose eyeshadows.  Satin Powder is the usual richly pigmented loose shadow we've all seen a hundred times, and Glamour Sparks is a sheer but very sparkly powder which can be used wet as a sparkly liner, or patted over shadow for even more sparkles.

I received these in copper (SP241/copper) and green gold (SP222/green), and I love how the Satin Powder shades have a corresponding toned Glamour Sparks.  Both shades of Satin Powder shadow are high in pigment, as you'd expect, and both have a high shine, almost metallic finish, which I absolutely love.  The glitters are also beautiful, albeit more subtle until the light hits them - both products paired together would make a hell of a night-out combo.

Below, I've applied the copper Satin Powder shadow with a damp brush for a foiled effect, and then packed more dry pigment on top to get maximum colour and a metallic finish.  This photo was taken after a full day's wear, and as you can see, the eyeshadow has lasted well on top of a layer of primer, with only a tiny bit of settling in the crease.

If you love your colours intense and metallic, you'll probably like the Satin Powder shades - they apply easily, layer well, and that fabulous packaging make these loose powders really stand out from others on the market.  If you'd like to try them out for yourself, or check out the Glamour Sparks glitter powders, you'll find them at Love Makeup online, where they will cost £5.99 each.  I've got my eye on #233, a tarnished silver colour, for my next purchase!

What do you think?  Love loose shadows, or prefer pressed?  Let us know in the comments!

Disclosure: PR samples


  1. Pressed all the way, so much less mess. Plus, I do the bulk of my makeup ten minutes before I absolutely HAVE to leave the house for school, so I don't have time to faff about with tiddly pots of powder.

    However, I do also enjoy that foiled look. Interestingly enough, the only other time I've seen that packaging was on the dirt cheap but very good MUA Eye Dusts. I had this glorious purple colour which was packaged like that. It was only annoying when I wanted to press it, hard to get all of the powder out.

    I do quite like that shade on you!

  2. Good ol' Kryolan!

    As for shadows...Loose, baby! I don't know why, I really prefer it. I have knocked a jar or two over in my time but then I've broken pressed powders too.

  3. I LOVE Kryolan - used them for years, both in my kit for jobs and day to day. I'm used to powder eyeshadows and actually can't stand those with packaging like that (like the Illamasqua pigments) - if you have decent brush control it's just not necessary. These colours look gorgeous, anyway!

  4. I'm not sure it's the brush control that's the problem - for me it's the abject clumsiness that leads me to knock little pots like this off whatever surface they're resting on!


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