Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Review & Swatches: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Bonheur

I'm a sucker for lipstick.  Particularly luxurious lipstick in shiny packaging.  I'd been lusting after a Chanel Rouge Coco Shine for a fair old while - and after a particularly long week at work, I caved and treated myself to Bonheur, a sheer, juicy berry shade with silver and gold sparkles.

with flash

in natural light

On the lip, Bonheur is a pretty, gentle berry pink which is still soft enough to pair with a stronger eye look whilst still offering more colour than your typical nude shade.  

The formula is light, sheer, and glossy, gliding onto the lips smoothly and feeling very emollient and silky.  Needless to say, something with lots of slip and lots of shine isn't going to last long on the lips, and this is true of Rouge Coco Shine - within an hour of application, it dries down to a more semi-matte finish.  If you want to maintain the glossy look, you'll need to reapply often.

Given the need for frequent re-application, it's quite likely that a tube of Rouge Coco Shine won't actually last all that long.  I've had my tube for a couple of weeks now, and I've not been using it every day - I can already see a fair bit of usage.  The product, when new, is even with the top of the casing.

The verdict?  If you like luxurious, glossy, comfortable lipsticks that are relatively sheer, and don't mind the reapplication issue, then you'll probably love this.  I'm more used to semi-matte or matte finishes which last longer, and I find that with my busy work life, I don't get to reapply as often as I'd like to keep the colour fresh on the lip throughout the day.  For me, I won't be buying more shades - but I can totally understand the level of excitement and hype surrounding these lipsticks, particularly with summer just around the corner!

If you'd like to try Bonheur or one of the 17 other shades available, you'll find them at department stores and at Debenham's online, where each lipstick will cost you £22.50.  What do you think?  Worth the cash?  Tried and loved these already?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. I have one of these in Romance, it is lovely and moisturises my lips really nicely. The colour is great too. I'd like to get another one of them.

  2. Do you find that it requires a lot of reapplication too? I do like the moisture it provides, but I suspect I might use it all up really quickly.


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