Sunday, 10 April 2011

Review: The Sanctuary Luxury Bath Float

If you're a regular reader, you'll know that there's very little I love more than a good, long bath - and as a result, I'm always on a quest to find excellent bubble bath.  My latest purchase has been the Sanctuary's Luxury Bath Float - which comes in a half litre bottle.

Like many Sanctuary products, it's got that slightly golden orangey colour, and the instantly recognisable Sanctuary scent.  The thick, unctuous gel is easily plopped into the bath (although you'll need to squeeze the bottle rather than just pour, unless you want to be there a while), and once in the bath, foams up nicely.  You won't get mountains of foam unless you go wildly overboard, but you will get a decent layer of bubbles across the surface of the water.  The bubbles last about an hour, and there's enough scent in the mix to perfume the bathroom noticeably, but not excessively.

And aside from that, I've not really got much to say about this product.  It's nice enough, and if you like the Sanctuary signature scent it'll provide a lovely bathing experience, but there's nothing particularly special about it - it doesn't leave the skin feeling unusually soft, it doesn't provide masses of lather, and the lather doesn't last a spectacularly long time.  And here's the rub - at £9.45 per bottle, it's an above average price for a decidedly average product.

Unfortunately, not something I'll be buying again - and so my quest for the perfect bubble bath continues.  If you'd like to try this product for yourself, you'll find it at Boots, both in-store and online, where it will cost you £9.45 for 500ml.

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  1. I like Sanctuary too, but must admit there's better stuff out there. It's a good bubble bath for the price you pay though and it does have a luxury feel to it.


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