Thursday, 28 April 2011

Review: Lush Happy Blooming Luxury Bath Melts

Being a confirmed lover of long, hot baths, I've worked my way through most of the glorious goodies to be found at Lush.  I love the Bubble Bars, am less fond of the Ballistics, and recently took the plunge into trying out their Luxury Bath Melts - I chose the Happy Blooming variety, which is cherry scented.

Firstly, one thing that often puts me off buying lots of Lush products is the comparatively high cost per use - a single use bubble bar might cost £3, where a bottle of Elemis' very expensive Milk Bath costs £39 a bottle - but I'd had at least 20 baths out of mine before the bottle ran dry, working out at around £1.95 a bath.  Happy Blooming, at least, gives you three baths for £3.70 - slightly easier on the wallet.

I dropped a third of the melt into a warm bath, and watched as the soft, cocoa butter based bar dissipated into the water.  The bath turned a rather pretty shade of pink, and a slightly soapy cherry scent was released into the air.  Unfortunately, that was it - the scent is subtle, and not as strong as you'd get from a ballistic or bubble bar, and whilst the bath water does feel softer and more silky, my skin wasn't left feeling any different to normal.  I suspect that the size of the melt, compared with the amount of water in a bath, means that any skin loving ingredients are diluted too far to have a noticeable effect.

All in all, then, a fairly nice product - but not as nice as Lush's bubble bars, and thanks to the lack of spectacular in-bath effect and no noticeable effect on my skin, not something I'll be repurchasing.  If you'd like to try one for yourself, you'll find them at Lush stores, and online, where three melts will cost you £3.70.

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  1. I looove the smell of this, and when I used it I did notice my skin was a tiny bit smoother, but I agree, it's not as special as a bubble bar.


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