Saturday, 2 April 2011

Review and swatches - Urban Decay Urbanglow Cream Highlight in Moonshine

As a long-term devotee of Urban Decay, I was delighted to be able to try the new Urbanglow Cream Highlight in Moonshine. It's one of four shades, and is probably the lightest (I haven't seen the other colours in the flesh). The colour is a clear, slightly blue-ish base with a kind of shell-pink reflect. It's not hyper-shimmery, and the reflective particles are very tiny - no glittery obviousness here.

The packaging is, as ever, gorgeous - a robust purple compact with a mirror inside the lid and an elaborate skull design in gold on the top. The hinge feels sturdy and up to the job. The clasp is, if anything, a bit too heavy-duty. In trying to prise it open I've feared for my fingernails, which have to exert a lot of pressure to get it to un-snap.

The texture is balm-like and quite slippy - there's probably a fair bit of silicone in the formula. It lifts easily from the pan with a fingertip and blends very effortlessly onto the skin.

Once worn, the pink reflect makes this product work almost like a blusher. When I put it on my cheekbones it livens up my face quite nicely, like a cool-toned shimmer pink blush would. However it's much more dimensional and unusual than a regular blush, with hints of pale lemony gold in the mix too. Not anything like enough gold to rank it among the many Nars Orgasm dupes/pretenders, but enough to add some refreshing dimension. At first glance it looks like a blush, but if you look more carefully it's obviously a more interesting statement-type effect.

Overall, I'm a fan, and would certainly buy more of these. At £18, they're not cheap, but - well, I'm not sure I can totally justify it. I just have that "would" feeling about it. And I'm a UD fangirl. What can I say?

You'll find Urban Decay's Urbanglow Cream Highlights at BeautyBay, priced at £18 for 5g

Disclosure - PR sample


  1. Looks like a beautiful shade - plus gorgeous packaging!

  2. beautiful shade! reminds me of benefit girl meets pearl ;)

  3. Thanks guys - it really is lovely. Recommend checking it out next time you're at a counter.


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