Thursday, 21 April 2011

NOTD: Topshop AWOL & Sinful Pearl Harbor

This is a rather pretty summer combo - Topshop's cobalt blue AWOL (which has a flat cream finish), topped off with a coat of Sinful Colors' blue-green-silver shimmer delight, Pearl Harbor.  The result is very vibrant and very sparkly too.

The texture of the Topshop polish surprised me - it's rather thick, but also quite streaky; you won't get decent opacity with one coat with this polish.  Two, though, is enough to give opaque, shiny colour - although if you're overly paranoid about visible nail line, three might do you better.

The Sinful Colors shade is one I received as a sample from a US friend quite some time ago - it's probably a bit thicker due to its age, but it's still a relatively gloopy, glittery affair, requiring careful application to get an even cover of glitter.  Whilst extremely pretty, the blue/green/silver shimmer isn't massively unique.  With Sinful Colors polishes costing a mere $2.50 from CherryCulture though, I'll forgive the slightly difficult application!

If you'd like to try either of these, you'll find Topshop's AWOL in stores and online, where it will cost you £5, and Sinful Colors' Pearl Harbor at CherryCulture, where it will cost you $2.50.


  1. I love that Topshop blue... Every time I wear it I get comments!

  2. It's so very bright and cheerful! Gorgeous.


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