Sunday, 3 April 2011

NOTD - Accessorize Superstar

We've been generally very impressed with the Accessorize cosmetics we've tried so far, both in terms of quality and originality of shades. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing much love on the Superdrug stands in terms of re-stocking the sold-out colours or promoting any new things. Every time I go to try a new colour at a London branch, I find the stand in a mess and barely stocked.

That said, the bits I have picked up are superb. This is Superstar, one of the only true shimmer teals I've ever seen. Often blue-green shimmer polishes are an aqua duochrome, with green shimmer on a blue base, but this one is a composite, true teal.

This is three coats. Wear was a very decent 5 days before chipping and tipwear started, although some of that tipwear was down to the shrinking effects of Seche Vite.

Accessorize nail polish costs £4 per 10ml and is available at larger branches of Superdrug. It's currently on the Superdrug website for just £2.


  1. I have this polish, it's such a gorgeous colour. x

  2. Really nice, I've been really pleased with the items I've picked up from Accessorize too. Superdrug are like that with the GOSH counter where I live, I went back about 10 times before they had what I was waiting for...x

  3. I absolutely love the Accesorize polishes, amazing colours, good quality and the dry time is amazing. I've had the same issue with Superdrug neglecting the Accessorize stand, the same with the MUA, GOSH and BeautyUK stands :( it's a shame, I'm always tempted to pull out the drawers and see if they have any in there! xx


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