Sunday, 24 April 2011

Barry M Instant Nail Effects: Now in Pink, White and Blue

Barry M's Instant Nail Effects was the first widely available crackle topcoat, and remains one of the cheapest ways to rock the cracked effect on your nails.  I've worn the original black version over a wide variety of colours since I bought it and it continues to draw comment from everyone who sees it - to the extent that several of my male colleagues have expressed an interest in having their nails painted with it!

Three new varieties have just been released; baby blue, baby pink, and white.  I spotted them at Superdrug and couldn't resist the pink and the blue - the white reminds me a little too much of painting my nails with Tippex (as I did as a teenager).  Here they are over a few different colours from my polish collection.

Left to right:  Topshop AWOL*, Illamasqua Snap, Orly Sapphire Silk*, Leighton Denny Graycious*

Left to right: Leighton Denny Graycious*, OPI Past Present and Fuschia*, Estee Lauder Shimmering Bronze*, Leighton Denny Up in the Air

I'm not quite so convinced by these as I was by the original black variety.  The black looks fantastic on top of bright colours as the contrast is so stark - the pink and blue, however, aren't quite so opaque, and over darker colours don't look quite so contrasting.  Over the top of paler colours, though, they look really pretty - I'll definitely do a full manicure of the pink on top of Leighton Denny's Up in the Air.  I also quite like the tonal colours - blue on Topshop AWOL, and pink on OPI Past Present and Fuschia - for a more subtle manicure. The finish is still matte - so these swatches have a hefty coat of Seche Vite applied to give a bit of gloss.

Available at Superdrug stores and online via Barry M's website, the new cackle colours still cost a mere £3.99 each.  What do you think?  Will you be rushing out to grab these?

* denotes PR samples


  1. I bought all of these and I'm very pleased with the pink and blue (only ones I've tried so far). I used the pink on top of China Glaeze grape pop which looks really fun. The blue I layered over one coat of China Glaze tinsel and then put another coat of tinsel on top. I love these!

  2. I'm interested in the white, like you I'm not convinced by the blue and the pink! I just don't think there are that many colours that these will work with, as crackle top coats aren't something I tend to reach for anyway and even with the black top coat I find it looks a bit tatty. Love the pink over the Leighton Denny though. Hmm, tempted, after all they are very cheap! xx


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