Friday, 18 March 2011

Superdrug Introduce Fish Spa in London Store

Despite recent concerns that fish spas aren't particularly hygienic, they're popping up in more places than ever.  And now, thanks to Superdrug, fish spas are coming to the high street.  Their Kensington High Street store in London will now be offering fish manicures and pedicures, with more stores to follow.

The prices are reasonable; a 20 minute nibble followed by a 5 minute massage will cost £20, or if you're in a rush and don't fancy the massage, the fish part alone will cost £15.

What do you think?  Tried a fish pedicure?  Want to?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. I have heard a lot about those, and saw them as well in Camden Town markets. I have a fish phobia, I hate them, so I will pass! But I really like the idea that an animal can do a pedicure! I think it sounds natural. If another animal could do it, maybe I would say "alright", but I am scared of fishes!

  2. That puts a picture of a monkey or a cat, nail file in hand, into my mind! Hilarious.

  3. I'm totally in two minds about this..curious to try it out but not so keen on the idea of the same fish nibbling at everyone's feet! x

  4. I've had one of these courtesy of a friend at the beginning of March ( I loved it!
    It tickled a lot, enough to make me giggle throughout. The fish did seem more interested in my healthy skin instead of the dead stuff, but everything was made very soft and smooth.
    I didn't get an infection and I don't think I'd be likely to through such a method.

    As for other animals, my friend's cats like to wander over to peoples' bare feet and put their toes in their mouths, but I don't think that would be too popular!


  5. I had a fish pedicure at X-Feet in Whiteleys in Bayswater. I bought it for £8 through Groupon before Christmas and used it up about a month ago.
    It did feel tingly and strange - I have read some people say it nips - but not at all.It's true about 50% of my dry, hard skin was removed.
    The overall feeling I got was of lack of hygiene - not only down to the cross contamination issue but of other people using the same water - they do spray your feet before you take the pedicure - but they neglect to clean the sole of your feet and there was no evidence that the containers was being cleaned post pedicure (its not to say it does not happen ....I just did not see it happening)
    In essence its like using someone's else bath water - Yuk!
    I think I would rather pay a bit extra to get a proper pedicure. With all the offers on sites like Groupon.Wahanda you don't have to wait long until a suitable one comes up.


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