Thursday, 3 March 2011

Review & Swatches: Make-Up Studio Lumière Eyeshadow in Red Sparkler

Sarah and I discovered Make-Up Studio products at the London IMATS 2011, where they had a pretty big stand decked out in a wide array of products, from makeup to chairs to fold out makeup tables with integrated storage.  From this, we discerned that this was a brand aimed squarely at the professional market, which may be why neither of us had ever heard of them before.  Enchanted by the pretty sparkly eyeshadows, I had to pick up one of the brand's Lumière eyeshadows in Red Sparkler, a baked round of shimmering red-brown goodness.

The packaging is basic but functional, with the top of the pot screwing off to reveal the shadow beneath.  The black body of the pot feels faintly rubberised - a little like NARS packaging - which makes me feel that it's a fairly durable product.  With the lack of hinges and moving parts, I reckon that this little pot of shadow should remain in fairly good nick in the bottom of my makeup bag.

The shadow itself is actually rather large - think Stila size pans instead of MAC.  On the outside, it looks pretty much like every other baked eyeshadow you've ever seen - the base colour has shimmering veins of deeper and brighter reds.  Like many baked marbled shadows I've tried in the past, it also applies fairly sheerly, but builds up to an intensely shimmery, dimensional finish.  Swatched, you can see both the sheerness, and the sparkles.

On my skin, the colour looks more brown than red, which I think makes it a bit more wearable - red can be hard to pull off.

On the eye, the shadow definitely has red undertones, and actually looks more like a rich burgundy than it does a brown or red.  There's a slight purplishness that keeps it wearable whilst still looking quite unlike your standard brown wash of shadow.

I've really been enjoying wearing this shadow, particularly when I'm pressed for time and want something with impact that requires no blending.  The colour is very flattering on my hazel eyes, too.  Application is pretty easy; the shadow smoothes onto the eyelid easily and blends out easily, with a surprisingly small amount of fallout.

All in all, then, this is a rather lovely shadow - you get a lot of product, the shadow itself is smooth and easy to apply, and the colour has a lovely depth of shimmery goodness to it.  But... I wouldn't rush out to buy more shades.  The reason?  The pot version of this shadow costs a whopping £15.70.  I can't help but feel that £15  is rather a lot to pay for a shadow that's lovely, but not absolutely uniquely incredible, especially given that you can get baked shadows for a much cheaper price that perform just as well on the high street.

The sheer price of the pots, and the fact that the Make-Up Studio website has no swatches, just wildly inaccurate looking colour dots, means that I won't be purchasing any more Make-Up Studio eyeshadows.  If I saw them in person and was truly wowed by a colour... perhaps.  But I'm not going to rush out and buy more online sight unseen.

If you'd like to check out the range for yourself, you'll find the Lumière eyeshadows and the rest of the Make-Up Studio range at their UK webshop.  Lumière eyeshadows cost £15.70 for the pot version, with the refill version costing £10.30.


  1. Quite a large disconnect between potted and unpotted, plus the price in general...think I'll pass. Acessorize ones look lovely though.

  2. This looks really good on you but it would look dreadul on me, i'm far too pale and cool toned!! Shame about the price/lack of swatches, it's a bit too much to pay if you might not be sure...x

  3. This looks beauuuutiful with your eye colour! NikkieTutorials on YT always uses one from this line in Iced Gold (I think that's what it's called) and it looks lovely as a highlight.


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