Thursday, 10 March 2011

Review - Remington Pearl Wand conical styler

Disclosure - PR sample
Conical styling wands were pretty much a new thing for me when I encountered this product. I remembered reading about conical wands on VexInTheCity's blog some time back, but never thought to try one for myself. Until now...

When I got this I had no idea how to use it, and had to Google for some tutorial videos. Here's a good one from CharmedValerie over in the US, who has a skilled technique going on. 

It's not just a clever name. The conical wand is indeed cone-shaped, tapering from a 1.5 inch base to a fine 0.5 inch pointed tip to create curls of different types, from tight ringlets to loose waves. Basically you separate your hair into sections and wrap the locks around the barrel of the styler (which heats up to 210 degrees Celcius) with your fingertips, hold for a few seconds, then let go and watch the curl bounce into place.

My hair has a natural curl, and I've never been that interested in curling it further, although I did find it quite satisfying to wrap a bit of hair around the barrel and create a smooth spiral in a couple of seconds. In the above picture, all the curls and waves are created with the Pearl Wand. (I had blow-dried my hair straight beforehand.)

One slight issue I had was the ends of my hair. Because I didn't want to burn my fingertips (which is really easy to do - luckily the wand comes with a glove to help protect your hand) I had to leave about an inch at the end of my hair that wasn't curled. Not a huge problem, but I noticed that the curls made with the styler were different from my own curls in this respect. You'd have to be really looking to tell, though. Apart from that, the Pearl Wand curls looked quite natural.

Usability-wise, I can't fault the controls of the Pearl Wand. It has a digital display showing when the styler is fully heated and what its temperature is. + and - buttons control the heat, and there's an easy-to-find power switch underneath them.

The USP of the Pearl styling range (there is also a blowdryer and a set of straighteners) is that the heated surfaces are coated with crushed pearl to make the hair extra-smooth. Having never tried a conical wand without this pearl coating, I can't compare, but I didn't have any problems with the condition of my hair after using this, and it looked and felt quite smooth and shiny.

The design is very attractive (as styling products go). It's sleek and black, with a Japanese-style floral detail on the barrel and a cool blue LCD display. The cord is a good 3m long and attaches to the unit on a rotating jack, so it won't twist up or restrict your movements as you're styling. It comes with a heat-proof pouch for storage. Best of all (for forgetful people like me) there's an auto-cut-out safety mechanism so it will turn itself off if you accidentally forget to unplug it after use.

All in all, I've been impressed by the design and performance of the Pearl Wand. For the price, I don't think you can go far wrong with one of these if you want a versatile way of creating curls. Just be careful and don't burn your fingers!

The Remington Pearl Wand costs £25.99 (RRP)


  1. Love your hair here. I really liked the conical wand too, although it is a bit easier to singe your fingers!

  2. I love my conical wand! I have wavy hair too, but the top can be a little messy in comparison to the nice ringlets I get underneath. I find the wand so easy and quick to use, but yes, you have to be careful with your fingertips!x


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