Thursday, 17 March 2011

Review: Remington Cordless Lady Shaver

Disclosure: PR sample

Whilst I love having smooth legs and armpits, I really hate shaving.  I've long been annoyed by the insanely high price of razors and blades, and given my epic clumsiness, am well used to nicking myself on the ankle.  I'd not really explored the electric shaver area as I thought that they looked like a bit of a faff compared to the quick zip-zip-zip shaving action of a traditional razor - so when I received Remington's Cordless Lady Shaver to test, I wasn't entirely convinced I'd like it.

The shaver itself is a fairly functional looking thing, with the only interesting accent being the lilac power switch.  Gently curved, it fits well in the hand and is easy to hold and control - even when your hands are slippery in the shower or bath.  And whilst it's safe to use in both the shower and the bath, the biggest benefit of the shaver (for me at least) is that it can also be used on dry skin.

I'm a bit forgetful, and I've lost count of the number of times I've been getting ready for work, ready to brave the summer weather with bare legs, and realised that I could do with shaving my legs.  I then have to half-undress, hop into the bath, and quickly shave and rinse down my legs, adding minutes to my already cramped morning routine.  This shaver, then, with its lovely foil, is perfect in that it allows me to give my legs a quick going over without hopping into the bath and lathering up - which is a definite time saver (shaver?) if you're in a rush.

As lovely as no-soap shaving is for your legs, I'd definitely not recommend it on your armpits - I've had a go, in the interests of scientific testing, and found that I ended up with some very irritated and very red armpit skin.  Ouch.  A bit of lubrication is definitely needed for pits and other, ahem, sensitive areas.

At £29.99, it's not particularly expensive compared to a razor - with a pack of eight blades costing around £17 (£17!!!) and a razor body costing £4.  I can sometimes get through razorblades at an alarming rate in the summer (not least because I lose them in the bathroom cupboard), and the replaceable bits on the shaver only need replacing every six months or so, making it a good value for money purchase.

That sense of value, and the fact that I've yet to cut myself whilst shaving with it, pretty much means that I'm now a convert to the Cult of Shaver.  Granted, it's not quite as quick as a traditional razor with sharp blade - you have to go more slowly, and often a couple of times up each leg - but the lack of blood and expensive razorblades makes this little unit a winner in my book.

If you'd like to try the Remington Cordless Lady Shaver out for yourself, you'll find it in many an electrical store, and online via Tesco Direct, where it will cost arund £30.

What do you think?  Are you more fond of a razor or do you have a shaver?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. see I like the look of this but as its a lady shave i'd like to know what its like on the lady bits y'know?

  2. Great post - I am often in a similar position legs wise in the morning, so its good to know these are actually effective!

  3. @Anon: I don't think I'd like to try it on my lady bits, as you do need to go over the area a coupla times and press firmly - I suspect it might cause irritation. It's called a Lady Shaver because it's a shaver for ladies, not because it's a shaver for lady bits!

    @Mizz Worthy: Definitely great for a quick defuzz in the morning. It's been invaluable from that point of view!

  4. Interesting... I've never really even thought about them before! x

  5. How close does it get? The trouble I've had with ones in the past is they leave a good couple of mm hair still there, so whilst its good if you havent shaved your legs for months (not that I would ever do that, ahem!) its no really close enough that you would feel happy baring! Perhaps these new ones are better?

  6. I've got to admit, BITS, that it doesn't get quite as close as a good shave with a really sharp, fresh razor. That said it does get pretty damn close; definitely closer than leaving a couple of mm on the leg!

  7. Funnily enough I used a lady shaver years ago but stopped using it as it really dried my skin out and the hair growing back became more course.
    I then started waxing which is effective but costly (at a salon
    And then last year I made a huge investment - laser treatment at around £550. Takes a long time (trip every 6 weeks to the salon and no sun exposure) but I do think it is worth it. My only regret is not waiting this year as there are numerous offers out there for laser treatment.


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