Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Review: NuBo Velvet Cleansing Cream

NuBo make serious, high end skincare with a pricetag to match.  The products are designed to keep the skin looking youthful by invigorating the skin on two levels; by fighting damage caused by free radicals, and also by "convert[ing] toxic waste into oxygen and water within the skin cell".  Now, I'm no scientist, but I can't help but view the latter claim with a healthy dose of cynicism - it sounds a little bit like alchemy to me.

Either way, one certainly can't dispute that the products are extremely luxurious.  Packaged in a clean, simple, expensive looking container, Velvet Cleansing Cream is a thick, creamy cleanser which I've been enjoying for the past month.  It's a bit like a traditional cold cream in texture, but feels lighter once applied to the skin - two pumps is enough to coat the face in a thin layer, which almost melts into the skin as you massage it in.

It's rose scented - but not synthetically so.  In fact, it smells exactly like the rosewater I like to use for making cupcakes.  After use, my skin feels incredibly soft and almost plumped up, with the residual dirt of the day effectively lifted off (I use this after an oil cleanse to get off the worst of my heavy mascara).  Since I cracked open the gorgeously sleek tube, my skin has been very well behaved, too - my regular monthly dose of spots has failed to appear, and I've not suffered from any extreme oily nose incidents or found any dry patches.

All this, of course, comes at a price, with the Velvet Cleansing Cream costing a slightly eyewatering £28 for 100ml.  My tube has yet to run out, though, and I've been using it for a month and a half, twice daily, so it's not like it runs out amazingly quickly.  That said... it's not something I'd buy again for its anti-aging properties (although I might well for that glorious scent).  It spends so little time on the skin that apart from a good cleansing with a softening finish, it's not going to make-or-break an anti-aging skincare regime.  If you're looking for a thoroughly good, thoroughly luxurious cleanser, though, and you've got £30 in your wallet for it, then this is a great product to try out.

If you'd like to try NuBo's Velvet Cleansing Cream for yourself, you'll find it at Beautique or on NuBo website, where 100ml will cost you £28.

Disclosure: PR sample


  1. sounds lovely but a bit too expensive for what it is. i use no7 hot cloth cleanser and it has all these properties. lovely review though. xo.

  2. It's amazingly luxurious, though - perhaps at least in part because I know just how much it costs, but it feels expensive!


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