Tuesday, 8 March 2011

OPI Silver Shatter - some NOTDs

Disclosure - Silver Shatter, Stranger Tides and Illamasqua Gamma, below, are PR samples.

After the success of the Black Shatter topcoat OPI brought out with their Katy Perry collection, another Shatter colour seems a logical step. We got into the crackle craze via Barry M, whose high-street dupe did the job nicely at a very reasonable £3.95, and we loved the effect. I wonder if Barry & co will be bringing out a silver to match Silver Shatter?

We clocked this at the OPI event last month, oohed and ahhed over it, and were later delighted to receive a sample to road-test for ourselves. It looks and behaves like a standard OPI polish right up until you apply it, when it starts to dry and crack apart, revealing whatever colour you have on underneath.

I found this polish much smoother to apply than the black Barry M crackle top-coat in my collection (I haven't tried the OPI Black Shatter). With Silver Shatter you can be fairly slapdash and overlap brushstrokes without upsetting the way the pattern forms, whereas with the black Barry M shade there is a real technique to getting a single stroke down at just the right thickness to achieve the effect. I'm not sure if its more to do with the silver-ness or the fact that this is a more high-end product, but either way, Silver Shatter is a breeze to apply.

Here are a few macros of Silver Shatter in action over Stranger Tides (from the OPI Pirates collection), Illamasqua Gamma (from the upcoming Toxic Nature collection) and The Vale by Nails Inc (which I have nothing special to say about, except that it contrasts nicely with the silver).

 Stranger Tides
 Gamma (needing a cotton-bud tidy-up on the cuticle there)

The Vale

The whole hand, with Gamma

Silver Shatter will be released with the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Stranger Tides collection later this spring (rumoured to be in May), priced at £10.50.

Will you be getting it?


  1. Loving the look of this, really hoping Barry M bring out a version as I couldn't bring myself to pay £10.50 for it! I have the black Barry M and it is sooooo thick I can barely get it off the brush onto my nail. Is this generally the consistency of it? Was going to get a replacement but won't bother if it's just going to be the same! Sorry for the essay! xx

  2. This looks fantastic! I find the trick with the Barry M Nail Effects is to shake the bottle, apply it to one nail very quickly, put the brush back into the bottle, shake, repeat. It starts to dry like it does on your nail on the brush, so you have to put it back in the bottle.

  3. pssst! 17 are doing a gold crackle topcoat, they've been tweeting about it this week. It's very pale though, and more shiny, less sparkly. Hits the stands on March 23rd.

  4. Barry M are bringing out a Pink and a Blue shatter, Models Own are bringing out lots of coloured shatters and as Gemma said above Boots 17 are bringing out the gold shatter...everywhere is going crackle mad! xx

  5. W7 has brought out black, white and silver shatter nail polishes, and the silver is very similar to the OPI one! And it's only £3!


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