Thursday, 10 March 2011

Free Clinique minis with April edition of Glamour magazine

To celebrate their 10th birthday, Glamour are giving away one of 10 mini Clinique treats (worth £80 in total) with each copy of the April edition of Glamour.

Look out for Fearne's smug chops (above) on the cover in your local newsagent. You can choose from the following:

Liquid Facial Soap 30ml (worth £1.95) 
Take the Day Off lip and eye makeup remover 30ml (worth £3.48) 
All About Eyes eye cream 5ml (worth £7.50) *
7 Day Scrub Rinse-off Formula 30ml (worth £5.10) 
Long Last Glosswear 2.3ml  (worth £5.37) 
Superbalm moisturising gloss 7ml (worth £6.07)
High Impact Mascara 4g  (worth £7.50)
Dramatically Different Moisturiser 30ml (worth £9) 
High Impact Lipstick full size (worth £15) *
Moisture Surge Thirst Relief moisturiser 30ml (worth £18) *

It's like your very own pick-and-mix Bonus Time, without having to buy three-products-one-to-be-skincare! You do have to buy a £2 magazine each time, but in most cases the product exceeds that in value. (And it's something to read on the train, isn't it?) I've starred the ones I've picked up myself. I especially recommend the eye cream, which even in this teeny quantity will last for ages. 

I'm sure that litterbins and recycling boxes all over Britain are groaning at the seams with unread copies of Glamour this week. The issue's on sale until 4th April, so don't hang about if you want to take advantage. 

I found out about this via MoneySavingExpert, who did the sums for the above values. (Obviously. I can't do sums.)


  1. I have the lipstick and it's GORGEOUS.

  2. these are brilliant mini gifts from glamous...glamour always do the best freebies!


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