Thursday, 24 March 2011

EOTD - Nars Nouveau Monde

I wanted a Nars eyeshadow duo for a long, long time. On many occasions over the years I brought one as far as the till in Space NK, before bottling out at the last moment due to the absurd £23 price tag. These days, £23 doesn't seem like as much as it did when I was a student, but it's still a pretty steep ask for two pans of colour.

On hearing the news that I had a new job a few weeks back, I went out in a fever of jubilant excitement and bought (among other self-indulgent rewards) Nouveau Monde, which is one of four new duos in the Nars Spring 2011 collection (including the stunning blue Bateau Ivre). I had to make my purchase in a rush, so I wouldn't stop at the last moment. Do I regret it? Absolutely not.

Nouveau Monde is a typically quirky Nars pairing. ("It shouldn't work, but it does" might be a good motto for their duos.) On one side, iridescent sheer lilac with a subtle glitter. On the other, olive green on a heavy dark brown base.



There's something about this pairing that just absolutely *works* for me. It brings out the shape and colour of my eyes wonderfully. I look in the mirror while wearing this and just think... "yeah". Which is kind of what all makeup should do, in my opinion.

Nouveau Monde, £23.50, Nars.

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  1. I look in the mirror while wearing this and just think... "yeah". --- love it !!
    thanks for the review!


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