Monday, 28 March 2011

Count Your Stash: Colour Cosmetics

This weekend, I decided to bite the bullet and count the number of colour cosmetics I own in the categories of blush, eyeshadow, lip colour and nail polish.  I've long known that I own rather a lot of makeup - but still, I manage to justify buying more because I genuinely believe I'm missing some key shades.  But... having counted, I'm now fairly sure that I can't really have any gaps at all....

shades of blush

shades of lip colour

shades of nail polish

shades of eyeshadow

That's a staggering 349 shades in total, not even counting eyeliner (I don't really buy eyeliner that often).  I'm well aware that this number might not seem all that massive to some; but for me.. it's too many.  I'm unlikely to ever use up all that product.

So, next time I go shopping and coo over yet another red lipstick I will remember this number, and think carefully before I add to it.  

That said, it would be easier to remember if it was a nice round number... so maybe I will buy that Chanel Rouge Coco Shine after all...

How many lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes and nail varnishes do you own?  What's your magic number overall?  Do you even care?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. omg ive just sorta counted, got to about 135 eyeshadows and just lost count , doesnt include all my mac pigments and i have 24 of those plus loads of barry m loose powders
    got loads more,
    that includes tho smashbox mega palette which has 64 in.
    bulette lipsticks 40 +
    nailpolish 100+
    blush 20+
    eyelinders, 30+

  2. Did you count all the individual colours in big palettes? I know they'd be individual shades, but they're part of the same product! I think I'd like my numbers better if I went for individual item numbers instead :)

    What Cargo blush did you feature in the photo? I've a Beach blush and am loving it, so thinking of perhaps trying another.

    It's all in the name of experimentation, isn't it? Even if the colours are the same, the finish might be different. There's another justification for ya... :D

  3. You are a braver person than me, if I did this it would probably give me nightmares for weeks! I know I have far too much, but when brands keep coming out with beautiful new things and my skin changes due to season etc, I still find myself needing more. Just call me an addict! x

  4. I'm not sure about the rest of the products but I counted my nail polish recently and it's an obscene number. I can't seem to help myself though!

    I do agree that you need to round that number up to 350...

  5. I don't think I want to count! I probably don't have as much as you though. I counted my nail polish the other day and it was about 50 and I still want more!

  6. @ShimmerDreamz - yes, individual shades in palettes were counted on their own - otherwise I could just stick everything into mega-palettes and it'd be a much lower count :) The Cargo blush is Tonga, which is a lovely matte blush pink which is the perfect low key pink neutral for me :)

  7. I am afraid to count! Also, I have some at my parents in Canada and some here, so it would be hard to count... For now I am just trying to use what I have, because I bought a lot in 2010! It's all about balance!

  8. I can't do it. Prefer to be in denial for now.

  9. I am not brave enough to do this yet!!

  10. It's not makeup I have loads of it's bath & body stuff. I did a post yesterday about the 30 shower gels I have. I think it's normal for women to horde - we like variety.

  11. 1 blusher (I'm not much of a blush person)
    13 eyeshadow colours
    9 lip colours (two lip balms, six glosses, one lipstick)
    40 nail polishes

    And there's still two eyeshadows, three eyeliners, a lipgloss and loads of nail polish on my wish list!

    I am a terrible shower gel hoarder as well...

  12. I can't blame you guys for being afraid to count! I'd been putting it off for weeks.

    Laura, I think you can buy a *lot* more with no guilt!


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