Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Breaking News: Le Metier de Beaute To Pull Out Of UK

Sad, sad news - Le Metier de Beaute, producer of gorgeously luxe makeup, are pulling out of the UK.  Word has it that their move into Selfridges hasn't seen the numbers expected for such a high profile - and high end - beauty hall, so they'll soon be departing our shores.

If there are any products you love - head down to Selfridges to stock up while you still can.  


  1. I'm not surprised, I don't think I'd know of them had I not been blogging. I paused at the concession in Selfridges a few times but the staff haven't been too helpful. One SA coughed all over my hands and then looked down his nose at me when I asked for a tissue.

  2. That sucks :( I was planning to check out the products during a possible London trip this Summer. Oh well, will need to order online from the US if I want to try them :(


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