Saturday, 5 March 2011

Boots 17 Vintage Love Metallic Nudes swatches

The stand in my local Boots had been absolutely ransacked of these palettes when I visited on Saturday afternoon last week. They were only released a couple of days before, but obviously the general public liked the look of them as much as I did. Luckily, a helpful shop assistant found one last remaining Metallic Nudes in the drawer under the stand for me to buy, so here it is:

I absolutely love the way the shades are laid out inside the palette. It's like an abstract butterfly. The mirror inside is excellent too - large and good quality. Oh, and there's a sponge applicator for my nail-art supplies! Handy.

Of course, some swatches. The lower two are taken in artificial light, and show just how shimmery these shades are. They're perhaps a bit OTT for daywear, but gloriously pigmented. I especially love the pewter shade, which has just a hint of green-gold to it.

This is an absolute steal at £5.49. There's a complementing blue-toned palette called Pretty Pastels which is more suited to cool skins, and I'll be picking that one up too, if I can track one down.

You can buy the Vintage Love collection now at Boots stores nationwide and online. It's limited edition and not likely to be around for long, so if you're tempted, act quick! For more on the rest of the collection, see our original Vintage Love post.

What do you think - will you be on the lookout for these palettes?


  1. This compact is gorgeous and I'm pleasantly surprised at how pigmented the shadows are. Thank you for the swatches :) x

  2. It's really pretty but I wear brights myself so I wouldn't get too much use out of it :P If I do wear neutrals, I like them to be matte.

    I rarely use the sponge applicators for anything other than my nails. Since I was converted to the brush world, I've never looked back...

  3. Wow! They look so pigmented. Excited to check these out.


  4. Holy crap, they weren't lying when they named the palette "Metallic" Nudes! The metallic sheen is amazing *____* and I adore how the shades are laid out in the palette.

  5. That looks Gorgeous...have to get it.

  6. I picked both of the vintage palettes up yesterday and am in love with them - they've taken pride of place in my make up kit!

  7. very pigmented and shimmery :D very nice warm colors :D

  8. Argh! I picked up the last one in my local Boots, wandered around the shop with it, then had a 'do I really need this' moment, put it back and walked out feeling all smug.

    REALLY wish I'd bought it now. I didn't expect them to be so well pigmented. Amazing.


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