Friday, 11 February 2011

Treats (for you) for Valentine's Day

Yes, it's all a load of commercialised hype designed to make single people feel lonely. I feel slightly traitorous to my fellow single people even posting about the dreaded "V". But one good thing about Valentine's Day is that it gives brands a reason to come out with some love-themed limited editions that might make your heart beat a little bit faster. Here are a few I recommend...

Lush have brought out "It's Raining Men", a new shower gel with a honey-sweet scent. It's almost identical to their "Honey I Washed The Kids" soap and will fill your nostrils with a syrupy OTT blend of caramel and light floral notes as you shower. I bought a little one of these to treat myself and am enjoying it very much. Prices start at around £4 for 100g. (I can't check the prices at the moment as the Lush website has unfortunately been hacked. Hope you get everything sorted soon, Lush!)

Vaseline have just introduced these limited Pink Tins for the big V. Each one contains four variants of the standard Vaseline Lip Therapy pot. At £7 it's more expensive than buying individually, but you do get the highly collectible oversized pink tin to keep your trinkets in (read hairgrips, rubber bands and old bus tickets in my case). You can find these now at branches of Morrisons and Superdrug.
For a gift that will just keep on giving (yes, I went there), treat yourself to a year of beautiful soft skin with Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish Subscription service. C&P is rightly hailed as a skin saviour and is one of my go-to products when I feel that my skin's not at its best. It's a cream cleanser with a punchy eucalyptus scent and a gentle, soothing action. Each month you (or your chosen gift-ee) will receive 100ml of Cleanse and Polish plus two muslin cloths to use with it, in a zip pouch. It's good value at £159 for 12 months.

Finally, a more extravagant purchase is Diptyque's Rose/Eros candle pair. Two limited fragrances, each with a very different take on a rose scent. One is light and flirty, the other deep and sensual. I'd happily spend a night in with either of these. £55 per pair (4.7oz each). More info at


  1. Oh yes please. I wanted to get myself some of the Lush shower gel, but I haven't had the chance to get to town. Hopefully it will still be in stock next week!

  2. I love the sound of the Diptyque's Rose candle!


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