Friday, 18 February 2011

Swatches: OCC Lip Tar in Demure and Strumpet

One thing I absolutely had to do at IMATS was buy a few new Lip Tars.  In particular, I was lusting after Strumpet, one of the newest shades, and once at the stand I had to grab Demure too.  It was calling to me.



Now... a short while after IMATS I was reviewing some of the OCC posts we'd made in the last year.  And I found a post I'd written containing swatches of two Lip Tars I'd bought and not really liked.  One was Plum (which was suspiciously grey) and one was.... Demure.  This is the photo from last year:

Even taking lighting differences into account, the two photos are worlds apart.  I did actually mention at IMATS that I thought that Demure looked a bit different than I'd seen online, and I was told that last year's Demure may not be the same shade as this year's Demure.  So... I'm not really sure how consistent the colours are between batches.  Anyway - worth keeping in mind if you buy online!


  1. Funny you should say that.....I got Demure this year too, I remembered liking it on you from a post and wishing I'd bought it at the time...but it didn't seem quite how I'd remembered it......Still like it though! x

  2. Agh I'm annoyed, I LOVE the Demure from last year but hadn't bought it yet! Now if i get it presumably it will be like the new one. It's still pretty but nowhere near as nice in my opinion :/

  3. That is utterly bizarre! My Demure is the one from last year, and I have to say I prefer it to this new one :S

  4. I'm kinda glad that the new Demure is more wearable for me! It's a much less easily clashed colour. Strange though, that there are two versions, and one is SO much brighter/vivid!

  5. Demure looks absolutely gorgeous! My perfect kind of colour - love bright pinks!

    Jo xoxo

    My little blog...

  6. Hi
    I'm trying to get my hands on Demure, unfortunately I cannot seem to fins it anywhere! Anyone knows where I can get this colour please??


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