Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ruby and Millie to be withdrawn from Boots

.... RIP.

We've just had word that Ruby and Millie is going to be discontinued, after 13 years at Boots.

Ruby Hammer and Millie Kendall, the makeup artists behind the brand, are concentrating their efforts on other projects, having stepped down from Ruby and Millie itself in 2008. They're now involved with other brands including Scarlett & Crimson and Andrea Fulerton. R&M has been running since they left, but without much in the way of updates or promotion.

Apparently Ruby will be launching her own solo line in 2011 - we'll keep you posted on that when we find out more.

We're told this is to be a "phased withdrawal", but to be on the safe side, stock up on your favourite Ruby and Millie products ASAP. (Or if you're the cynical type, wait and see if they get marked down.)

Personally, I'm really going to miss R&M. Their silvery pressed powder compact was one of my first "grown-up" makeup purchases when I started university. I also have a beloved stack of their excellent slide-out eyeshadows, including the legendary taupe Beige 840P (they never really cracked that whole shade name thing, it has to be said.) The shadows in particular are worth checking out - the packaging design is reminiscent of Le Metier de Beaute, and their shimmer shades are superb.

So long, Ruby & Millie. We, and our £5 off tillspits, salute you.


  1. Oh that's a shame! I carry a R&M pressed powder in my handbag, aside from it being a lovely powder, I just love the packaging!

  2. Get ready for a massive comment!

    I have very fond memories of this brand, I remember ageeeeeeeees ago when they had their old fashioned powder foundations on cheap for some reason and I bought a fair few..then I bought my first ever makeup brushes from them..

    I will miss them but I am not surprised that they are leaving, nobody seems to buy their items unless they have the till split. No7 is the same but they've upped their game by bringing out new products all the time, I don't think R and M do that. The one product of theirs I want to try before they vanish is their pen eyeliners.

  3. Aww thats sad. I dont personally really like this brand, but my mum has used the black liquid pen liner for yrs! x

  4. Doesn't overly surprise me, even with a £5 till spit the range has always seemed overpriced and unappealing to me.. Wonder what will replace it on the till spit offer?! x

  5. Aww that's a shame! I have a great purply lipstick of theirs and my girlfriend always uses their pressed powder :(

  6. I use Ruby and Millie Liquid Base 2 and can't find it ANYWHERE due to Ruby and Millie saying bye to our faces. Can anyone recommend a foundation similar to this? It's so hard to find a foundation that is perfect for my skin tone. Thought I'd finally cracked it. :(

  7. A terrible shame and disaster, I use Ruby and Millie for years now, it lasts for ever, it has been THE reason to pop over from Amsterdam... What do I do without them!

  8. where do i get ruby and millie rough cant find it anywhere


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