Saturday, 5 February 2011

Review - Sampar Glamour Shot

Disclosure - PR sample
Meet Glamour Shot. Is it a primer? Is it a serum? Actually it's not quite either. French skincare brand Sampar have recently released this brand new product in Sephora branches across Europe and in Asia. They're hoping it will introduce the world to "Cosmakeup" - a concept that blurs the line between skincare and cosmetics.

Glamour Shot's claims:
  • Instantly smoothes wrinkles 
  • Masks the appearance of large pores, redness and blemishes
  • Mattifies the appearance of the skin
Now, I generally greet new product formats with some distrust. (Call me old-fashioned, but I'm still not 100% sure why we need serum as well as moisturiser.) However, I was interested to see both HLA and oat extract in Glamour Shot's ingredient list. They're both good skincare ingredients in my book, contributing to moisture and soothing the skin. Plus, I like that Glamour Shot's results can be determined after one application - in fact, after one minute. Either it will work or it won't. I like that in a product.

Glamour Shot is suitable for all skin types and tones, and according to the blurb on the Sampar website, can be used by both men and women (although I can't imagine many men embracing the use of a pink-packaged face product with "glamour" in the title). Glamour Shot can be worn on top of liquid (but not powder) foundation.

So - user experience. The packaging is excellent. A hygienic, sturdy pump allows good control when dispensing (see above). It also ensures that the product inside the tube is kept away from air- and finger-borne contaminants. The economical squeezy tube means you can get every last bit out.

The actual stuff has a gel-like, siliconey texture. There's a slight alcohol smell when it first leaves the pump, although this dissipates quickly once it's been applied. It spreads easily on skin and dries almost immediately, leaving  a velvety smooth finish. There's also a slight tightening (but not drying) sensation. The skin feels "held in place" by the product.

Here are some good ol' before-and-after results pictures. Visually, there's not a huge difference (perhaps because I had few/no wrinkles to smooth beforehand) but to my eyes the skin in the right-hand "after" shot looks brighter and slightly more even-textured. It was definitely softer and smoother to the touch. For bad skin days, I think this product would add a lovely veil of smoothness over bumps and blemishes.

The major drawback for me was that despite the claims, there was no real evening of skintone with Glamour Shot, and that's something I expect of any foundation or foundation-like product. I tried applying it over my usual concealer but found that it liquidised and displaced it. As a result, this is probably not a product I would turn to often myself.

However, if you have uneven skin texture but you're happy with your skintone, or if you need matte coverage for large pores but can't find a foundation colour to match it, this could be a good option for a natural but polished look. It's not yet available in the UK on counter, but EU and Asian readers can pick it up from Sephora.

Glamour Shot costs 39 Euro for 30ml. More information is available at

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  1. I got a tube of this on the plane flying out to Turkey. I don't wear foundation on holiday and this was perfect. It gave me a nice even finish while still allowing me to go natural and show off my tan. It isn't cheap and using it every day doesn't last long, but I'd definitely keep a tube for those days when I need a little extra help without using full makeup (I haven't tried it under foundation so can't comment on that)


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